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Wood-effect porcelain tile: the charm of authenticity

Natural inspiration that never goes out of fashion. Caesar captures and restores the emotion and warmth of a versatile and familiar material with a series of wood-effect porcelain tile collections designed to afford any type of space the charm of authenticity.

Wood effect is a choice that expresses personality and allows for the creation of relaxing residential or commercial spaces, where one can feel perfectly at ease. The Caesar ceramic collections explore and expound upon this world with the perfect performance of surfaces and faithful reproduction of the unbeatable beauty of wood, whether natural or transformed by man, carved or aged, rustic or modern. In this way, every room, from kitchen to bathroom, from living room to bedroom and even outdoors, is enhanced thanks to a look more synonymous with home than any other.

Hand-crafted wood effect porcelain tiles

From the noble arts that have transformed woodworking into a master’s craft, the inspiration for an extraordinarily beautiful collection of wood-effect porcelain stoneware. Arthis nourishes with new life the capacity to turn a natural material into the skill of the artisan, to bring warmth and elegance to any design context.

In the world of Arthis, past, present and future blend in a material that is full of life to offer a feeling of inspired contemporary craftsmanship to residential and commercial spaces.

Wood-effect porcelain tiles - A contemporary look


The new Ceramiche Caesar wood-effect ceramic collection Evood is characterized by a contemporary design look.

Imagining new ways of transforming natural materials is a key trend of contemporary design. Evood makes this sensitivity its own and, by drawing inspiration from recent treatments on the colours of prestigious wood, distinguishes itself by virtue of its refined and evocative colours that enhance the clean and light patterns.
The result is a collection of cutting-edge porcelain stoneware that conveys a feeling of discreet and minimalist elegance, ideal for establishing an immediate dialogue with the most innovative and contemporary design trends.

The Aextra20 porcelain stoneware tile collection in extra thickness is designed to significantly broaden the horizons of outdoor design.

Gardens, swimming-pools and public areas become the ideal space to give shape and substance to the most wide-ranging planning ideas and to conceive original solutions that amplify the emotions of outdoor living. Aextra20 is the choice to best raise the level of planning in the outdoors, redesigning the boundaries and giving full scope to personal style.

Natural wood-effect porcelain tiles


Fabula tells a wonderful tale, which begins with the discovery of three extremely precious kinds of wood and continues with their faithful reproduction. The result is a collection of natural wood effect porcelain stoneware that makes your dreams come true. Ideal for instilling warmth and natural elegance to the most diverse architectural contexts.


With stave sizes, 30x120 and 20x120, a Chevron 20x120 pattern and a slat size 5.7x60, Fabula adapts to any natural wood effect floor and wall covering project in residential and commercial environments.


Each of the five tones respects the distinctive features - knots, veins, shades - of the reference wood.

Warmth, harmony, natural elegance: Hike is the porcelain stoneware that surrenders to the irresistible charm of wood to give your spaces a cosy and positive mood. Surfaces with delicate shades, which are always near to your everyday life, which live and breath in harmony with you, to make you feel at the centre of your ideal world.


New size 30x240

An extra large size that opens up to new possibilities of installation.
Larger and longer slabs that cover any surface and highlight all the typical features of a material that is both ancient and new. A unique occasion to celebrate the beauty of nature.

Natural wood-effect porcelain tiles


The colours and harmony of the natural wood effect of the Life porcelain tile series blend together to give your ambience the sense of warmth and wellbeing that wood gives, combining design and aesthetic harmony.

The Life series with natural wood look is available in 3 listel sizes: 30x120, 20x120, 14.7x120. The chromatic palette range is made up of 5 hues characterised by a distinct tone-on-tone variety that reproduces the characteristic nuances and veining of natural wood, recreating the natural dimension of architecture. The wood-effect porcelain tiles of the Life series in the colours Oak, Moro and Noce are also available in the high thickness Aextra 20 version for outdoor use, to bring the precious essences of natural wood into outdoor areas in all residential and commercial areas.

With Vibe, wood look porcelain tiles, you will experience the warm vibrations of a material that tinges daily-life spaces and reinterprets them. The tiles of the Vibe collection are a substantial ceramics that, from floors to walls, are able to welcome you and tell you about youself.



An antiqued and eclectic wood look that  matches  your  taste,  but  also  other  materials  and  inspirations,  to  give rise to the style you desire.

The emotion of wood

A charming encounter between the natural accent of the source of inspiration and the flavour of a slightly worn material, recovered through a pickling process.

Versatile by nature

Four colour variants and a multitude of sizes for a porcelain stoneware collection with a versatile soul, which lends itself to interesting combinations with other Caesar products.

MEET is the right choice to put together interiors projects inspired by the most innovative and lively styles of contemporary interior design.

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Wood-effect porcelain tiles combining beauty and performance

The collection in wood-effect porcelain tile retains all the appeal of the material that inspires it, reproducing the veining, knots and small imperfections without the treatments and maintenance that real wood would require. The performance of porcelain stoneware ensures that Caesar ceramic floor and wall tiles stand up perfectly against wear and the passage of time, with no need for maintenance and with a level of hygiene that only a material with impeccable technical properties can guarantee. Porcelain tiles are easily cleaned and ideal for use with under-floor heating. The solution that best combines quality, practicality, hygiene, beauty and safety, porcelain tile is also, and unlike real wood, a fireproof material. 

Maximum design freedom for every space

At the service of architectonic and furnishing solutions that reassess the presence of a natural element, Caesar wood-effect porcelain tile collections are the fruit of intense technical and style research and offer a wide range of sizes for elegant and designer compositions, as well as exclusive decorative lines and special pieces for custom architectonic creations. The colour shading of surfaces is well-researched, alongside wood as the source of inspiration, for realistic flooring and cladding solutions that recall the look of real wood and boast the feel of an artisan product.

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