Safety: tactile floors for the visually impaired Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

The Caesar floors for use as tactile paths are based on a system comprising raised surfaces

already used at international level and specifically designed to be easily identified underfoot or with a white stick, but also visibly different to the rest of the flooring. Installed over the planking level, the flooring allows the blind and partially-sighed to orientate themselves and identify places and potential sources of dangers, as required by law.

caesar percorsi tattili gres porcellanato

Tactile paths: safe passage with Caesar solutions

Caesar tactile floors comprise raised surfaces that are easily identified when crossed. These allow the blind and partially-sighed to orientate themselves in places and clearly identify obstacles and other potential dangers along the route.

Safety 2024

Alt Sezione3


GO Sezione


Cross Sezione


Stop Sezione

amb2.pav tattili 06.20.11 DA 2 3.2

The system consists of six codes, suitable to create complete paths for the visually impaired,maintaining the quality features of Caesar 'Made in Italy' porcelain stoneware tiles.

Uncrossable potential danger

Made up of semispherical staggered segments (“ALT” modules) that can be identified using the white stick. This system must be placed where there are potential un-crossable dangers, such as, for example, the edge of railway platform

Ambiente Invalicabile

Crossable potential danger

Made up of “ALT” and “GO” modules, used to indicate crossable dangers such as stairs of pedestrian paths.

Ambiente Valicabile

Straight direction

Made of straight stripes in relief on the surface (“GO” modules) that are used to show the path via the tactile sense of the foot.

Ambiente Rettilineo

Crossroads / “L” turn

Made up of semi-spherical, flat and aligned segments (“CROSS” modules) and used at crossroads.

Ambiente Incrocio

piazzale multiformato safety cover Wells 60x120 2 3

Being able to move freely through public buildings and spaces, while at the same time being made fully aware of the possible dangers, is a fundamental right of every citizen, even though architectural barriers still limit the access to some services and the social interaction of the visually impaired.

This situation has forced governments to legislate for the full accessibility to public areas, such as pavements and sidewalks, squares, stations and shopping malls.

When project-planning a building, it is therefore necessary to foresee an artificial path guide for the visually impaired to guarantee their independence and safety, a flooring system such as SAFETY, a special flooring designed and created by Caesar to satisfy these important requirements.

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