AEleva: floating floors for offices with a technical space Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

The creation of a technical space beneath the floor is an innovative and increasingly popular solution in indoor and outdoor environments, allowing for the housing of various equipment and providing easy access if any repairs or replacements are required. 

The AEleva floating floors comprise raised flooring modules, created with Caesar porcelain slabs, and a substructure to support said modules.

caesar aeleva pavimenti sopraelevati

AEleva: floating floors for offices with a technical space

In offices, central offices, banks, data centres and many other workplaces, technological equipment and systems are continually improved and updated, which results in a need to update wiring or carry out maintenance, from electrical or phone networks to heating and air-conditioning systems. In these situations, and also in outdoor environments, AEleva floating floors are ideal, in that the planking floor, composed of panels that can be easily removed for inspection, is raised from the screed, and the resulting technical space can be of a height that varies between a few centimetres to a metre.

The advantages of AEleva

Rapid and clean installation, no glues
High quality porcelain tile
Gres porcellanato AEleva
Rapid removal
Adjustable height
Restyling without dismantling

vantaggi AEleva
60x60 darwinfloor

Raised modules

Upper surface layer

1) Upper ceramic cladding

2) Structural core: sulphate or chipboard

3) Lower surface layer

4) Perimetral border



5) Base

6) Crosspieces

7) Gaskets

8) Sound-absorbing cloth

Raised module with Æxacta

The modules with steel panels of the Æleva system allow you to complete encapsulated raised floors with a rich assortment of finishes of the Æxacta range. Æleva is an ideal solution in this field of application too since it is removable and replaceable at any moment. Moreover, it ensures excellent results both in terms of appearance and of performance.


temporary raised floor

Modulo sopraelevato AExacta2
caesar aeleva pavimenti ispezionabili

Æxtra20 raised modules for outdoor installation

Æleva raised floors can also be built in exterior environments, using the 20 mm thick slabs of Caesar's Æxtra20 line, available in a vast assortment of sizes. Æxtra20 slabs have an exceptional resistance to loads, wear, abrupt temperature changes and atmospheric agents; they also have excellent slip-proof properties, which are essential when it comes to outdoor installation, and guarantee a high standard of aesthetics, which remains stable over time. For detailed information, see the Æxtra20 line catalogue.

The advantages of AEleva

In offices and commercial spaces, technological networks and systems often need to be completed or updated; in the same manner, in outdoor contexts, one often has the need to cover irrigation pipes or electrical cables. The creation of a technical 'clearance' under the floor is an ideal solution for these needs.

The advantages of AEleva

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