Ceramiche Caesar Piastrelle, lastre e soluzioni tecniche in grés porcellanato

Il grès porcellanato è un materiale estremamente compatto, realizzato tramite pressatura meccanica e cottura ad altissime temperature. Da questo processo produttivo derivano superfici ceramiche dai valori bassissimi di assorbimento, caratteristica che le rende estremamente resistenti a svariati tipi di sollecitazione. Per questo il grès porcellanato è il materiale ideale per rivestimento e pavimentazione in qualsiasi tipo di contesto, interno o esterno, anche in presenza di elevati volumi di calpestio o di traffico. Appartamenti, hotel, aeroporti, piazze: il grés porcellanato può migliorare il comfort, l'estetica e la sicurezza di ogni realizzazione architettonica. Un materiale resistenteigienicosicuro, che non rilascia sostanze nocive, ottenuto da materie prime naturali, totalmente e facilmente riciclabile: una scelta di qualità, affidabile e duratura. 


More than 2000 items interpret different materials in a transversal manner to discover their potential, to search for the most functional surfaces and find the most impressive combination of tones.

Collections Absolute: stone effect

Two different stone effect porcelain tile products interpret the look of natural stones with the Absolute collection, dedicated to those who enjoy a natural lifestyle. If you love the material touch and versatility of stone combined with avant-garde design vision, this collection will allow you to clad the indoor and outdoor surfaces of your home with personality and creativity. The stone effect porcelain ceramics by Caesar perfectly adapt to home living as well as to commercial projects such as swimming-pools, gardens, hotels and boutiques.

Collections Anima

Anima marble-effect porcelain tiles reinterpret the most prized marble and transform your ambiences using unique, noble and sought-after style. Anima, the marble-effect porcelain tile collectionis versatile and has an unmistakable style, rich in naturalness, able to enrich ambiences using heterogeneous surfaces and delicate decorative accents. If you love the elegance and brilliance that marble evokes, Anima confers unmistakable style and detail the likes of which have never been seen before on your residential and commercial floors.

Collections Anima select

new collection of porcelain stoneware marbles; four new tones that have been inspired by four marvellous varieties of marble. An exclusive appeal, luxury and a natural appearance stand out in this new collection of marble effect tiles for the floors and walls of commercial and residential spaces.

Collections Arthis

Hand-crafted wood effect porcelain tiles

From the noble arts that have transformed woodworking into a master’s craft, the inspiration for an extraordinarily beautiful collection of wood-effect porcelain stoneware. Arthis nourishes with new life the capacity to turn a natural material into the skill of the artisan, to bring warmth and elegance to any design context.

In the world of Arthis, past, present and future blend in a material that is full of life to offer a feeling of inspired contemporary craftsmanship to residential and commercial spaces.

Collections Autore

Venetian terrazzo porcelain tiles


Autore turns the spotlight onto Venetian terrazzo floors, amongst the most original and renowned creations of the history of Italian craftsmanship. It rewrites and retells a tale made of love for material and of skill, with today?s language.

A porcelain stoneware collection that captures the eye, by virtue of its richness of details and facets, and presents itself as candidate for becoming a new contemporary design classic.

Collections Be More

An essential style, versatility, reliability: to give the maximum value to the most ambitious design projects. A collection with a strong technical content, in line with the tradition of Caesar products, completely renewed and extended in terms of colours, sizes, finishes and thickness to fulfil the needs of the most ambitious projects.

Collections Built

Cement effect porcelain tiles


Concrete has characterised and given shape to modern times. It has stepped into the new millennium as a protagonist to leave its indelible mark in architecture. BUILT porcelain stoneware is the interpretation of concrete beyond its main function as building material. It becomes a new manner to decorate interiors. BUILT is the expression of contemporary style.

The minimal nature of BUILT gives extra value to the product.

Collections Clash

Age-old quartzite, forged by primeval natural forces, is the inspiration for a new ceramic material. Clash is the ideal product for combining the impulsive beauty of stone with the unparalleled performance of Caesar porcelain stoneware.

Collections Core

Stone look porcelain tiles

Five colours, five moods, five impressions drawing inspiration from lava stone to lead you into the depths of an endless beauty.

The charm of nature has never been so deep.

A powerhouse of strength and purity that comes directly from the centre of the Earth to become stone and enfold all that you love. Thanks to the faithful reproduction of a natural material, this collection of porcelain stoneware is substantial, refined and elegant and ideal for adding its precious feel to any surface.

A marvellous opportunity to design your interior and exterior spaces with the utmost freedom, using the many colours, sizes, thickness options and decorations.


Collections E.motions

Stone-effect porcelain tiles


The refined E.motions stone-effect porcelain collection by Caesar is perfect for enriching the natural beauty of your ambiences, taking inspiration from the philosophy of experiencing spaces in a completely innovative way.

E.motions tiles evoke the minimal effect of natural stone in 4 colours, 3 finishes and 2 thicknesses, including the 20mm of Aextra20, to the more traditional 9 mm thickness; a collection that is extremely versatile for every commercial and residential need.

Collections Eikon



Eikon, the Caesar Ceramics collection of stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles, pays homage to the timeless beauty of natural stone as well as enriching it with technical and aesthetic features, and can furnish, with elegance and style, your commercial and residential ambiances.

Collections Elapse

Stone-effect porcelain tiles worn by the ravages of times


Elapse stone-effect porcelain tiles relate the story of the material shaped by the passing of time, by centuries and by the work of craftsman ho give an indescribable age-old concept to your ambiences.The stone-effect porcelain tiles ravaged by time allow you to play with an almost infinite number of eclectic compositions with clearly contemporary characteristics.

The wide range of square, rectangular and listel formats (30x120, 20x120, 60x60, 30x60) offer a myriad of possible applications and interpretations, also thanks to the variety of available colour choices that make the surfaces come to life and chameleon-like.

Collections Evood

Wood-effect porcelain tiles - A contemporary look


The new Ceramiche Caesar wood-effect ceramic collection Evood is characterized by a contemporary design look.

Imagining new ways of transforming natural materials is a key trend of contemporary design. Evood makes this sensitivity its own and, by drawing inspiration from recent treatments on the colours of prestigious wood, distinguishes itself by virtue of its refined and evocative colours that enhance the clean and light patterns.
The result is a collection of cutting-edge porcelain stoneware that conveys a feeling of discreet and minimalist elegance, ideal for establishing an immediate dialogue with the most innovative and contemporary design trends.

Collections Extra.c

The Aextra20 porcelain stoneware tile collection in extra thickness is designed to significantly broaden the horizons of outdoor design.

Gardens, swimming-pools and public areas become the ideal space to give shape and substance to the most wide-ranging planning ideas and to conceive original solutions that amplify the emotions of outdoor living. Aextra20 is the choice to best raise the level of planning in the outdoors, redesigning the boundaries and giving full scope to personal style.

Collections Extra C - Stone effect

La linea in grès porcellanato spessorato Aextra20 è pensata per ampliare enormemente gli orizzonti dell'outdoor design.

Giardini, piscine e aree pubbliche diventano lo spazio ideale per dare forma e solida sostanza alle più svariate idee progettuali e immaginare originali soluzioni che esaltino le emozioni della vita outdoor. Aextra20 è la scelta indicata per elevare il livello della progettazione all'aria aperta, ridisegnandone i confini e dando pieno respiro al proprio stile.

Collections Fabula

Natural wood-effect porcelain tiles


Fabula tells a wonderful tale, which begins with the discovery of five extremely precious kinds of wood and continues with their faithful reproduction. The result is a collection of natural wood effect porcelain stoneware that makes your dreams come true. Ideal for instilling warmth and natural elegance to the most diverse architectural contexts.


With stave sizes, 30x120 and 20x120, a Chevron 20x100 pattern and a slat size 5.7x60, Fabula adapts to any natural wood effect floor and wall covering project in residential and commercial environments.


Each of the five tones respects the distinctive features - knots, veins, shades - of the reference wood.

Collections Gate

Cement-look porcelain tiles


The GATE cement-look porcelain tile collection gives complete planning freedom to your spaces. Gate porcelain tiles bring together the needs for a contemporary cement-look and a design that is 100% personalisable, thanks to the wide range of colour and format options. Gate allows you to personalize your indoor and outdoor spaces, and to integrate, with originality, all your furnishing elements.

Cement-effect porcelain tiles give residential and commercial ambiences an urban and modern feel, and also complete creative freedom thanks to the formats in sizes 75x75, 50x75, 25x75, 15x75, 5x75, 60x120, 60x60, 30x60 and 11.7x60.

Collections Granigliati

Simplicity, tradition and the classical is what differentiates the Granigliati porcelain tile collection by Ceramiche Caesar.

The Granigliati porcelain tile collection is a long-standing tradition of Caesar, with characteristic subtle granules of the surface. Reproposed in a vast colour range and two finishes, matt and polished, Granigliati by Caesar is extremely versatile and answers any of today’s project planning needs.

Collections Hike

Warmth, harmony, natural elegance: Hike is the porcelain stoneware that surrenders to the irresistible charm of wood to give your spaces a cosy and positive mood. Surfaces with delicate shades, which are always near to your everyday life, which live and breath in harmony with you, to make you feel at the centre of your ideal world.


New size 30x240

An extra large size that opens up to new possibilities of installation.
Larger and longer slabs that cover any surface and highlight all the typical features of a material that is both ancient and new. A unique occasion to celebrate the beauty of nature.

Collections Inner

Stone effect porcelain stoneware tiles


Inspired by quartzite, the iNNER stone-effect porcelain stoneware collection communicates the timeless elegance of nature and enhances the strength of a contemporary and extremely versatile ceramic, able to perfectly adapt to your commercial and residential spaces, intensifying all its potential.

Collections Layers

Porcelain stoneware tiles - A contemporary look


The most innovative trends in the field of fashion meet the comfort of living of Layers, the collection of porcelain stoneware tiles by Ceramiche Caesar with a particularly contemporary look. Eight products and four decorations for creating welcoming and functional environments, thanks to the surprising layers of materials and textures.

Collections Life

Natural wood-effect porcelain tiles


The colours and harmony of the natural wood effect of the Life porcelain tile series blend together to give your ambience the sense of warmth and wellbeing that wood gives, combining design and aesthetic harmony.

The Life series with natural wood look is available in 3 listel sizes: 30x120, 20x120, 14.7x120. The chromatic palette range is made up of 5 hues characterised by a distinct tone-on-tone variety that reproduces the characteristic nuances and veining of natural wood, recreating the natural dimension of architecture. The wood-effect porcelain tiles of the Life series in the colours Oak, Moro and Noce are also available in the high thickness Aextra 20 version for outdoor use, to bring the precious essences of natural wood into outdoor areas in all residential and commercial areas.

Collections One

Terracotta-cement effect porcelain tiles


The ONE, the terracotta-cement effect porcelain tile collection combines the delicate and enveloping tones of the earth with the originality and modernity of cement, giving your interiors a sense of warmth, naturalness and elegance that fulfils every furnishing need. If you love warmth and the vintage look that terracotta suggests, terracotta-cement effect porcelain tiles of the ONE collection allow you to define, with a traditional and eclectic feel, the floor of your residential or commercial venues, combining the natural tactile feel with architectural modernity of Made in Italy porcelain tiles by Ceramiche Caesar.

Collections Portraits

Seven natural stones that have been accurately selected inspire the new collection of stone-effect porcelain stoneware, Portraits by Ceramiche Caesar. Seven products with unique features, available in eight different sizes that range from 30x60 cm tiles to the extra large 120x240 cm slabs of porcelain stoneware, and the 20 mm thick tiles for outdoor use.


Collections Relate

RELATE is the translation of a project into material. The collection is the synthesis of a study on the trends of contemporary architecture.




Collections Roxstones

All the beauty of quartzite and the versatility of porcelain tiles find space on your furnishing projects thanks to the Roxstones quartzite-effect porcelain tile collection by Ceramiche Caesar.


Collections Tale

The travertine effect tiles of the Tale porcelain ceramic series combine the elegance of natural stone and the strength and resistance of porcelain tiles to meet any design need. If you love the warmth and elegance of natural stones, the travertine effect ceramic tiles allow for the creation of original floors in residential and commercial spaces in a mix of tradition and contemporary style.


Collections Tecnolito

Tecnolito is the collection of porcelain tiles that integrates natural appeal and technical performance. The composition versatility of the ceramic tiles in the large 120x120 size combines with the more traditional formats in 60x60, 30x60, 30x30cm making this collection perfect for any planning need. Available in 14 shades and 5 surface finishes, the Tecnolito porcelain tiles are versatile and heterogeneous, the best solution for your contemporary architecture projects.


Collections Tinte unite

Ceramiche Caesar offers the traditional taste of plain tint porcelain tiles for your private and commercial spaces. The beauty of colour available in a broad range of plain tints, from more traditional shades to lively and contemporary hues. Tinte Unite is a timeless ceramic tile collection that can easily adapt to any space.


Collections Trace

Trace is Caesar collection of metal effect porcelain tiles inspired by a material of fundamental importance in the history of contemporary architecture. If you desire to create a unique and precious look in spaces, this collection of metal effect porcelain tiles is the perfect choice to dress floors and walls with pure urban elegance.



Collections Vibe

With Vibe, wood look porcelain tiles, you will experience the warm vibrations of a material that tinges daily-life spaces and reinterprets them. The tiles of the Vibe collection are a substantial ceramics that, from floors to walls, are able to welcome you and tell you about youself.



Porcelain bathroom tiles

Caesar porcelain bathroom tiles guarantee excellent performance and aesthetic return whether used for flooring, cladding or special purposes.

Today’s bathroom is a space in which designers and architects can experiment like never before. No longer just a ‘separate’ room, it now takes on a starring role when it comes to designing the identity of a living space. And the porcelain bathroom tile collections by Caesar are the ideal solution in terms of performance and aesthetics, whether used for flooring, wall cladding or as a special decorative element.

Porcelain kitchen tiles

The porcelain kitchen tiles by Caesar combine technical quality and meticulous design for the creation of spaces that are both effective and beautiful.

The kitchen is perhaps the most versatile space in the home, a space in which to work, but also socialise and share. It therefore needs to stand up against trampling, the chemical agents found in foods and reactions resulting from different types of cooking and food preparation. Caesar porcelain kitchen tiles offer a definitive solution to the problems posed by intense usage of this part of the house and the need to make it a pleasant space, also to be enjoyed in company.

Porcelain living room tiles

The porcelain living room tiles are the ideal solution for flooring and cladding that is central to a room’s décor.

The living area is the heart of the home, where we spend the most important hours of the day and receive guests. This part of the home must therefore reflect the best of the design project as well as the best choice of materials, from both a quality and aesthetic standpoint. The porcelain living room tiles are the ideal solution for flooring and cladding that is central to a room’s décor. In this way, the living room becomes a “shop window” that tells of the taste and lifestyle of its residents.

Porcelain bedroom tiles

The porcelain bedroom tiles combine the need for a clean and salubrious space with very attractive aesthetic performance.

In designing a bedroom, architects and designers should not be limited by the practicalities of furniture, but rather indulge in creating comfortable, relaxing spaces that are full of personality. The choice of floor and wall tile coloursinspirations and surface sensations plays a key role in the conception of an elegant and contemporary project for a room dedicated to rest and relaxation. Porcelain bedroom tile is a material that, more than any other, combines the need for a clean and salubrious room with first-rate aesthetic performance.

Porcelain tiles for external use

Porcelain tile is ideal as external flooring, for beautiful, functional and long-lasting outdoor spaces in a residential or commercial context.

The design of beautiful, functional and long-lasting outdoor spaces often involves the use of porcelain tile as a material for external flooring. The technical characteristics of this ceramic material are in fact superior to those of traditional building materials previously used in private gardens, courtyards, parks or commercial open-air spaces.

Porcelain tiles for pools

The pool tiles in the Aquae collections by Caesar guarantee design freedom with all the advanced properties of porcelain tile.

Porcelain tile has taken on a primary role in the creation of contemporary wellness projects thanks to its excellent technical characteristics and resistance to loads and wear, atmospheric and chemical agents, and changes in temperatures, as well as its non-slip hold, and the fact it is waterproof, frost-resistant and extremely hygienic. Advantages that make porcelain tile the ideal choice for indoor and outdoor spacesthat are in constant contact with water and highly trafficked: the pool tiles guarantee great design freedom with all the advanced properties of a superior material.


For the flooring of restaurants, hotels and wellness centres, as well as the entire hospitality sector, Caesar offers porcelain tile solutions that are 100% Italian.

When an architectonic project requires both high-performance materials and an impactful look, for surfaces that are beautiful, versatile and communicative, porcelain tile is the solution adopted by the world’s leading designers. 


The Caesar collections of porcelain tile for commercial and public use make for seductive surfaces and superior technical quality.

Shops, offices and places open to the public require flooring and cladding that can contribute to the overall project aesthetic and make spaces pleasant to spend time in.


Warmth, harmony, natural elegance: Hike is the porcelain stoneware that surrenders to the irresistible charm of wood to give your spaces a cosy and positive mood.

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Age-old quartzite, forged by primeval natural forces, is the inspiration for a new ceramic material.

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Strong. Reliable. Caesar.

resistanthygienic and safe material that releases no toxic substances and is obtained from natural raw materials that are fully and easily recyclable: a high-quality, reliable and long-lasting choice.

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Choose your look

Il grès porcellanato Caesar permette di concepire progetti architettonici di ampio respiro, dove le superfici affascinano con ispirazioni naturali o contemporanee espressive e dal look variegato.

gres effetto marmo

Marble and Terrazzo-effect

Caesar is inspired by the beauty of marble surfaces in art and architecture with its marble-effect porcelain tile collections.

If there is one material that transmits a sense of elegance, sophistication and refined and timeless taste, then this is undoubtedly marble. And it is the very beauty of marble surfaces, seen in so many artistic and architectural masterpieces, that has sparked the imagination of Caesar, inspiring the creation of its marble-effect porcelain tile collections.

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gres effetto legno


The Caesar wood-effect porcelain tile collections transmit the warmth, emotion and charm of an authentic material into any environment.

Natural inspiration that never goes out of fashion. Caesar captures and restores the emotion and warmth of a versatile and familiar material with a series of wood-effect porcelain tile collections designed to afford any type of space the charm of authenticity.

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gres effetto pietra


Caesar stone-effect porcelain tile is the result of meticulous research into the most evocative stones, for collections to suit the most beautiful contemporary projects.

In seeking new design inspiration, we often need to look to tradition. Thanks to its meticulous research work, Caesar has selected a range of evocative stones with expressive veining and a genuine look. Introducing then the Caesar stone-effect porcelain tile collections, which suit the majority of contemporary projects and architectonic solutions.

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gres effetto cemento design


The concrete-effect porcelain tile & Design Look collections allow for the creation of sophisticated projects, which speak of present and future.

Concrete is a symbol of modernity, dynamism, urban spaces, simplicity, but in the many reinterpretations that designers dedicate to it, this material also becomes a fundamental element in contemporary projects. The concrete-effect porcelain tile & Design Look collections by Caesar give designers a wide range of choices when creating personality-filled residential or commercial spaces that speak of present and future.

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effetto metallo


Caesar interprets urban and conceptual design and takes it to new levels with its metal-effect porcelain tiles, for seductive surfaces.

The appeal of metallic surfaces is unquestionable: the visual impact of colours and oxidations, combined with the marks that result from their processing and the passing of time, attracts the attention of contemporary designers and becomes central to their projects. An urban, industrial and conceptual look that Caesar metal-effect porcelain tile collections raise to maximum levels, thanks to meticulous aesthetic research that translates into seductive surfaces.

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Colour effect

The line of tiles that combines the qualities of porcelain tile and the beauty of uniformly coloured surfaces.

Simplicity is one of the distinctive traits of contemporary projects.

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La nostra storia è fatta di incontri, progetti e sfide. 

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gres ceramiche grandi lastre

Large size porcelain stoneware

Caesar’s drive for innovation and its ability to fully exploit the qualities of porcelain stoneware come together in Project Evolution, the range of large slabs for the most prestigious contemporary projects.

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gres ceramiche pavimenti esterni

Outdoor floors

To design outdoor spaces that live up to aesthetic expectations and are efficient and long-lasting, today’s architects and designers know that porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoor use are the go-to material for creating floors and contemporary architectural solutions like coverings for swimming pools and wellness areas or ventilated façades.

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Caesar Caesartech Shape Versilia OK

Technical solutions

CaesarTech is the Ceramiche Caesar division at the service of designers and firms, helping them to select the best technical and aesthetic solutions for flooring and cladding with porcelain tiles, special pieces and accessories for an alternative use of the material.

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Featured projects


Caesar porcelain tile collections, 100%designed and made in Italy, are selected each year by architects and designers for prestigious creations.

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campzero hall2
Camp Zero restaurant

Hotel Camp Zero
Monte Rosa

Hotel CampZero is located in Champoluc, at the foot of Monte Rosa, and is the first Active Luxury Resort in the Aosta Valley for mountain, sport and well-being enthusiasts, where natural elements and an attention to detail come together in an extremely high-impact design that offers a unique and avant-garde experience.

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Porcelain tiles


Caesar porcelain tile is the solution for contemporary flooring and cladding in residential, commercial and public environments.

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