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COVID-19 Emergency: Please, read the conduct regulations for company visitors

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Conduct regulations for Visitors to the Showroom and the Company


External staff CANNOT access the Company site under any of the following circumstances:
- flu-like symptoms with a cough and fever;
- during the last 14 days they have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19;
- in the last 14 days they have entered a risk area according to WHO indications.

- not possessing a EU digital Covid Certificate (aka Green Pass), or an equivalent document. An “equivalent document” is understood to be:

-        A vaccination certificate if valid, i.e. if it was released after a complete vaccination cycle with a EMA-acknowledged vaccine.

-        A negative swab for COVID-19, released in the previous 48 hours.

-        A certificate of recovery from COVID-19.



Access to the site is authorised upon external staff's agreement to comply with all hygiene and conduct rules as set forth by the company, including the taking of temperature measurements, the use of PPE (surgical or FFp2 mask without valve).

Said information is reiterated by means of clearly visible signs.

Temperature check

Before access to the site all staff must have their temperature measurement taken. It is not recorded


Mask use

All external staff at the company must wear a mask for the entire duration of their stay on company premises.


Separate restrooms reserved for external staff

Dedicated restrooms are available for external staff, marked with suitable signage, inside specific prefabricated cubicles located in outdoor and indoor areas. Suitable cleaning and sanitation is guaranteed on a daily basis, along with the availability of disposable paper towels and dispensers containing hand sanitation gel.


Please remember to:


  1. sanitise your hands frequently with gel available in various areas on premises, clearly indicated with signage;
  2. follow established pedestrian paths as indicated by guides;
  3. wear a surgical mask or a FFp2 mask without valve, until exiting the company; ensure you correctly dispose of it;
  4. maintain social distancing of at least 2 metres.


I the undersigned


AWARE of measures adopted by the Government and the company to prevent the spread of COVID-19;

AWARE of the importance of individual conduct in the containment of the spread of said virus,

agree to comply with instructions set forth in “Conduct regulations for visitors to the Showroom and the Company”;




1.       to have received a copy of the information statement and that I understand and agree with its contents;

2.       to adopt personal protection equipment specified in the information statement;

3.       to have been informed as regards its contents.



The company processes your identification data (name and surname) and information on your health (whenever provided) to ensure correct coronavirus prevention. The processing of data is necessary to protect the vital interests of the data subject or other natural persons. Your data will be stored on paper in compliance with methods specified in articles 6 and 32 of the GDPR and by means of the adoption of suitable security measures. Your data will be processed by duly authorised staff, will be disclosed beyond the company and to public authorities and/or healthcare organisations and will not be otherwise disclosed. Please note that, in accordance with the principles of lawfulness, purpose limitation and data minimisation, pursuant to Art. 5 of the GDPR, the period of storage of your personal data is established for a period of time no longer than the completion of the services provided. You have the right to exercise rights set forth in art. 15 et seq. of the GDPR; the Data Controller is the company.

According to the provisions established by art. 13 of the DLgs 196/2003 we inform you that we will proceed with the treatment of your personal data submitted by your registration with this website to the sole purpose of activities related to our institutional business. The data is made use of for the promotion and trading of our products and generally for marketing activity and the sending of advertising materials relevant to our products. The collected data will not be distributed to any third party but they may be shared with those who deal with marketing and distribution on our behalf. The data processing holder is the company Ceramiche Caesar S.p.A with its registered office in Spezzano di Fiorano (Mo) C.F. 00179660360 P.IVA 00179660360 You may apply to the data processing holder in order to assert your rights as established by art. 7 DLgs 196/2003.