Why choose porcelain stoneware? Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

Porcelain tile is an extremely compact material, created as a result of mechanical pressing and high-temperature baking. This production process makes for ceramic surfaces with a very low level of absorption, a trait that makes them very resistant to a variety of stresses. This is why porcelain tile is the ideal material for cladding and flooring in any context, indoor or outdoor, even where there is a high level of trampling and traffic. 

Whether in an apartment, hotel, airport or town square, porcelain tile can improve the comfort, aesthetics and safety of any architectonic creation. A resistant, hygienic and safe material that releases no toxic substances and is obtained from natural raw materials that are fully and easily recyclable: a high-quality, reliable and long-lasting choice.

caesar gres porcellanato sicuro

Secure, for those who have health and safety at heart

It ensures very high standards of hygiene as it does not encourage the proliferation of germs and bacteria, it is naturally hypo-allergenic and does not release any substances that are harmful to health (VOC free). It does not fear water, steam or even aggressive detergents, making it the ideal solution for any space where cleanliness and hygiene are key.

Safe even in the case of fire

Porcelain tile is totally fireproof, in that it does not burn, does not react to flames and, containing no plastic materials, produces no toxic gases in case of fire. The production process also involves the slabs being cooked in kilns that exceed 1200°C in temperature. This makes the product totally inert to fire, as well as highly resistant.

caesar gres porcellanato ignifugo
caesar gres porcellanato resistente

Resistant, for those who seek flooring that remains beautiful over time

The porcelain tiles remain as beautiful as when first laid: highly resistant to scratches and surface abrasion, they are able to cope with heavy loads and stresses, which makes them suitable for use in places with heavy foot traffic. In addition, porcelain tile is not affected by smog or other polluting agents, or byatmospheric agents, a trait that makes it particularly suitable for outdoor use, in façades or external flooring.

Respectful of the environment

Choosing an environmentally sustainable and long-lasting material for flooring and cladding means creating salubrious and safe spaces, investing in the future in a responsible way. Caesar porcelain tile is produced using natural raw materials such as sand, clay and feldspar, it respects the environment, it contains no plastic, does not release any organic substances into the atmosphere (VOC free) and, at the end of its very long life, can be easily and cheaply disposed of, as it is an inert material and so totally recyclable.

caesar gres porcellanato ecologico
caesar riciclabile

Durable and fully recyclable

The best way to respect the environment is for us to product a safe product with an extremely long life cycle: in line with the principles of the circular economy, our porcelain stoneware tiles can remain in place for decades without any treatment and without any deterioration in the properties and performance characteristics that make them unique. At end-of-life, disposal is easy and inexpensive, since porcelain stoneware is an inert material and, as such, is 100% recoverable.

Versatile, for those who want design freedom

Porcelain tile is an extremely versatile ally for designers. It can be used with equal effectiveness both indoors and outdoors thanks to its performance, but it is above all the wide range of colours, sizes and finishes in our catalogue that give the designer such choice and creative freedom.

The presence in the range of anti-slip surfaces also allows for the creation of safe and aesthetically coherent solutions for bathrooms and wellness areas, while its indifference to heat makes porcelain tile and slab the ideal solution for underfloor heating systems.

The innovative and personalised solutions offered by the CaesarTech division allow porcelain tile to also be used in a variety of special applications, from raised flooring to outdoor solutions, from pools to ventilated wall systems.

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