Aexacta: temporary flooring forms Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

Aexacta is a self-laying flooring system, installed without glue or sealant, thus cutting time and costs.

Suitable for provisional spaces and those where a pre-existing floor needs to be preserved, Aexacta is a solution that allows for the creation of temporary flooring, renewing the appearance of spaces without the need for any complex or costly restructuring work.

pavimenti temporanei gres porcellanato

Aexacta: porcelain tile for temporary flooring

The system comprises mono-calibre porcelain slabs, squared off and rectified, with the addition of a cork under-layer (a natural material that serves as sound insulation and corrects any slight irregularities in the base) and a PVC edging (with anti-impact function). The Aexacta panels can be installed directly onto a pre-existing surface - if perfectly flat - by simply laying the slabs and matching them up.

The advantages of Aexacta temporary floors

There is an increasing need to restyle and create floorings that cover a pre-existing surface, without removing it or damaging it in any way. This is the case when restructuring historic buildings for example, or in rented spaces such as showrooms, temporary shops, stores, trade fairs, events and shows. In these contexts, Aexacta responds to a wide range of technical and economic needs with one innovative solution, to be installed without glue or sealant, dust or dirt and with no need for acid cleaning after laying, for a flooring that can be immediately walked upon.

The advantages of Aexacta temporary floors

In order to make the work of project managers easier and multiply the possible installation options of temporary floors, Æxacta has a wide range of sizes: from the 40x80 cm, 80x80 cm, 80x160, 60x60 cm and 60x120 cm modules to the 120x120 cm, 120x278 cm and 160x320 cm extra large sizes, which allow for particularly impressive installation with very small joints, with the addition of the 20x120 cm and 30x120 cm listels, available for many collections, including those drawing inspiration from wood.

The need to create floors for the restoration of the pre-existing covering without damaging it in any way is becoming increasingly important.

This can be the case during the restoration of historic buildings or areas that have been specifically hired for the occasion, such as when creating showrooms, temporary shops, trade-shows, events and exhibitions.

Situations such as these require quick and easy installation, to reduce costs and associated time and to make the spaces ready to use as quickly as possible.The Æxacta selffixing system by Caesar meets these needs offering an innovative solution that does not require adhesives and grouts, does not cause dirt and dust, does not need acid cleaning after installation and can be immediately walked up on after installation.

Using Æxacta gives you the flexibility to create perfect aesthetic solutions even in temporary venues. Once the event or the trade-show is over, the floor can be recovered and re-used again elsewhere.The modules that compose the system are easy to remove and can be reused with no need to demolish and create unnecessary waste.

Even when it is necessary to choose the surface covering of concrete raised floors, Æxacta finds a perfect application as the surface covering can be chosen after the installation of the floor.


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