Caesar Design Film Award 2024 Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

Caesar Design Film Award 2024

Cinema,  Design,  Caesar:  three  identities  in  synergy  for  a project which makes a strong statement about communications and design.

Ceramiche Caesar is participating in the organisation of the fifth edition of Ennesimo Film Festival promoting the creation of a new official competition for shorts about design and architecture: the Caesar Design Film Award.



Design for looking beyond3

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Theme - Design for looking beyond

Looking beyond is a daily activity, which actually allows us to overcome obstacles, optimize trajectories, anticipate a reaction. But above all, looking beyond is an essential mindset for design. Seeker of visions, the designer innovates every day, proposing new forms and unthinkable explorations. Because every future begins with a vision.

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Wannabe Designers - Special Mention

In addition to the official winner of the Caesar Design Film Award, the shorts will also compete for the Wannabe Designers Special Mention which will be awarded by a jury made up of university students from the Faculties and Schools of Architecture, Design, Graphics and Art.

The Jury

We are proud to announce the Jury for the 5th Edition of CDFA!

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Finalisti 2024

Shortlisted Films

From reflections on sustainability and climate changes to great architecture projects, from Raffaello’s masterpieces to modern Deaf Academy, here are some insights from the 6 finalists of CDFA, each of them have spotlighted important topics about “Design for looking beyond”.

Discover the shortlisted films

The Event

Thursday, May 2, 2024, 8:30 pm.

The awards evening will be held at the Teatro Astoria, Piazza Menotti in Fiorano Modenese (MO).

Awards will be given to the finalist short films and the winner will be declared.

Admission is free and free of charge.

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Riccardo Falcinelli

Special Guest 2024

On May 2, the afternoon of events dedicated to Wannabe Designers will conclude with an introductory talk on the Caesar Design Film Award selection shorts curated by Visual Designer and writer Riccardo Falcinelli