Aquae: wall tiles and special pieces for pools and wellness spaces Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

With Aquæ Wellness Project, Ceramiche Caesar offers the possibility to design an organic and coordinated project, bringing harmony and naturalness to spaces dedicated to wellness

In addition, thanks to the fact that porcelain tile has very low absorbency and is alsoresistant to aggressive detergents and salts, Caesar guarantees high standards of cleanliness, salubriousness, hygiene and durability even where there are wet surfaces being walked upon with bare feet, where high levels of humidity and heat favour the multiplication of germs and bacteria, and where pool salts and other chemical substances are regularly used.

spessori gres porcellanato

Two thicknesses for wellness needs

Two different thicknesses allow for a perfect balance between expressive freedom and outstanding performance, whatever the space. The 20mm, for outdoor solutions that blend performance and aesthetic elegance, and the traditional thickness, in a wide range of collections and colours, for total design freedom when it comes to indoor and outdoor wellness areas.

Aesthetic inspiration for pools and wellness areas

The Aquae range counts 6 material inspirations and makes for an extensive palette, rich in colour and heterogeneous in style: a compositional system that opens the door to creativity. Aquae means always finding the ideal response to the most demanding of tastes and sensibilities regarding pool and wellness areas.

caesar soluzioni piscine
The advantages of the Aquae system

The advantages of the Aquae system

Variety, versatility and aesthetic continuity, with all the made in Italy quality of Caesar; a wide range of special pieces; cutting-edge technological solutions that translate into first-rate performance; a pre-sale and after-sales service specifically formulated for designers: with Aquae, designers can create dream pools, bathrooms and relaxation areas, safe in the knowledge that great attention will be paid to even the smallest of details.

gres porcellanato piscine
Overflow pools Aextra20 / Standard thickness: Blade grid
Blade Ambiente

A / Bordo - Edge - Bord - Ränder - Кромка: Round Aextra20
B / Griglia - Grid - Grille - Gitter - Решётка: Blade


Schema sezione Aextra20 Schema sezione spessore tradizionale

Standard thickness section diagram - Schéma section épaisseur traditionnelle
Querschnittschema traditionelle stärke - Схема сечения обычной толщины

Sezione Blade

Overflow pools Aextra20 / Standard thickness: Shape_new grid
Ambiente Shape

Shape New
Minimum radius at external side 150 cm: we may supply elements with customized radii.

Sezione shape new AE20

Sezione shape new tradizionale

Overflow pools Aextra20: Stripe grid

Stripe 3D

Stripe sezione

Overflow pools standard thickness: Overlay grid
Overlay Ambiente

Overlay 3D

Sezione Overlay2

Overflow pools standard thickness: Wave grid
Wave Ambiente2

Wave 3D

Sezione Wave2

CAESAR Outdoor Rocky6

Skimmers along the top edge of the pool draw water to the surface, whilst keeping it at a lower level with respect to the treading surface. Water is filtered and disinfected to thus pass through special inlet ports and return to the pool.

Dettaglio Skimmer

Skimmer 3D


Diagram section AExtra20


Sezione Skimmer AExtra21

Diagram section Traditional thickness


Sezione Skimmer Tradizionale

white quartz piscina

In the internal deck-level solution (Wiesbaden type), the porcelain stoneware edge with 20mm thickness is placed above the drainage system thus concealing it from view. This system improves and exalts the characteristics of deck-level pools with a particularly alluring effect of suspension.

Wiesbaden-type edge
white quartz piscina2

Wiesbaden 3D



Diagram section

Wiesbaden Sezione


Ambiente Cascata

When it comes to slopes or panoramic views, the waterfall solution, which can be built on one or more sides, creates a limitless perspective with a remarkable aesthetic impact.

"Cascade" solution with Wave grid and Cascade edge
Wave Ambiente2

1) Footing 2) Edge 3) Grid 4) Floor


Diagram section


Caesar vasche a cascata 01


"Cascade" solution in the pool - Cascade edge
Cascata in vasca Ambiente

Cascade 3D


“Cascade” solution with Wave grid and Step edge


"Cascade” solution in the pool


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