Porcelain stoneware Ceramiche Caesar, Piastrelle, lastre e soluzioni tecniche in grés porcellanato

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Porcelain stoneware

Apartments, hotels, airports, town squares: any space can be improved in aesthetic and functional terms thanks to the use of porcelain stoneware, able to meet the needs of designers and consumers who seek a resistant, hygienic, safe material that does not produce any substances that can harm one’s health.

Caesar porcelain stoneware is obtained from natural raw materials, does not contain plastic and is easily and fully recyclable. It can be used anywhere and remains beautiful over time. A reliable choice that lasts a lifetime.

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Caesar porcelain tile is the solution for contemporary flooring and cladding in residential, commercial and public environments.

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Natural sources of inspiration, such as wood, stone and marble, and contemporary, urban looks, such as cement, metal and colour: discover all the effects of Cae...

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Installation types

Whether used as flooring, cladding, externally or in special applications, Caesar porcelain tile offers outstanding technical performance and excellent aestheti...

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