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28 March 2024

Contemporary and versatile, stone-effect porcelain stoneware is a tasteful, stylish option. From floors to splashbacks, as well as showers and walls, the applications available using porcelain stoneware slabs offer hygienic, high-performance, high-resistance solutions in a variety of styles.

When it comes to floor and wall tiles, stone-effect bathroom tiles are among the most popular as a rich colour and decorative option, with their neutral shades and material textures offering the perfect complement to a number of looks: industrial (to add character), natural (strengthening the connection between the world of nature and interiors, by teaming attractively with wood) and contemporary (creatively teaming the stone effect with bold decorative elements).

This article will tell you all you need to know to help you design a perfect stone-effect bathroom using porcelain stoneware tiles.

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Performance of the material: a safe, durable choice!

Today’s bathrooms no longer simply have to be hygienic and practical; just like the kitchen, they require a significant effort to combine function with style.

First of all, it’s important to recognise that stone-effect porcelain stoneware is such a popular bathroom choice for its impressive resistance to abrasions and accidental impact, as well as its excellent hygiene characteristics. Porcelain stoneware has a water absorption coefficient of less than 0.5%, which effectively means it is impermeable, impenetrable and resistant to bacteria and mould.  

A porcelain stoneware bathroom is simple to take care of, thanks to the compact surface that makes it easy to clean using even natural detergents; non-absorbent and with low porosity, it also has excellent resistance to chemical and acid detergents, for in-depth sanitisation, making it suitable for the pool and wellness areas and spa facilities of hotels and wellness centres.

Plenty of floor-wall combinations

Today’s innovative porcelain stoneware manufacturing techniques enable the application of textured, tactile surfaces to the ceramic material.This makes stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles suitable for bathrooms, carefully combining them to highlight sophisticated style and create a living space that is practical to use, while preserving all the beauty of nature.  

The stone-effect tile collections also offer an impressive array of colour options, with tones ranging from neutrals to more vibrant shades, allowing for interior design projects that adapt effortlessly to a variety of preferences and décor styles.

Each variation in tone allows for the creation of interesting contrasts, highlighting the particular architectural characteristics of your living spaces. Take Caesar’s Iconica collection: inspired by travertine stone, it offers unique design and style options, thanks to its graphic textures. As regards colour, the solutions offered are all in keeping with the spirit of travertine, featuring shades in line with contemporary tastes and modern design requirements, with sizes ranging from large slabs to tiles in more classic sizes, and non-slip finishes and thicker tiles for outdoor use also available.

Portraits is another collection ideal for living spaces with eclectic surfaces, illustrating stories of people and places through natural stone colours and inspirations and guaranteeing excellent safety standards and slip resistance.  

For every story, we’ll find a natural stone colour and inspiration, making this an ideal solution for tiling your bathroom surfaces, thanks to the high standards of safety: this material is extremely slip-resistant, with coefficient R10 B, and is extraordinarily soft to the touch.  

C3 R1 Bathroom HR5

A few tricks to make your bathroom look bigger

Thanks to the laying system and the possibility to reduce joint width to a minimum, stone-effect stoneware flooring is also suitable for small bathrooms, where it is important to maximise the sensation of space by creating a seamless floor-to-wall look. 

Large-size bathroom tiles are ideal for this purpose, because they help make the room look bigger, especially when laid with 2-3 mm joints.

However, the tiles must not be too big for the proportions of the bathroom, to avoid cutting them, with the risk of creating an unattractive effect. 

An alternative is to opt for tiles with different sizes and decorations from the same stone-effect collection, for an appealing ton-sur-ton effect. For example, you can use 30x30 cm decorated porcelain stoneware tiles for the shower, along with large-size plain tiles from the same collection for the walls and floors.

Decorations galore!

A particularly popular choice with interior designers are floor and wall coverings able to create a sense of continuity.

To break up the look, it’s sufficient to add a few elements in a different shade, or to use particular sizes or decorations to create your own unique graphic pattern: the types of graphics in the Iconica collection, for example, can be perfectly combined with one another: Verso, with its typical lengthwise streaking effect, and Contro, featuring sophisticated swirling, cloudy effects.

The various finishes, decorations, textures and thicknesses offer plenty of design solutions to define and shape bathrooms using stone-effect tiles, allowing them to reflect the personality of those who use them every day.

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Need some advice to choose the right tiles for your bathroom? Talk to one of our experts at Caesar!

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From our Collection


A wide offer of decorations in size 60x120 and 120x278, that can be combined with all Caesar collections.

Textures, colours and modular designs are available to characterise your architectural and interior design projects with style.


A protagonist in over 2000 years of art and architectural history, travertine is a universal icon with a unique and unmistakable personality. In the third millennium, the appeal of travertine continues unaffectedly to captivate designers all over the world.

Iconica reinvents the appeal of travertine in a complete surface system, multiplying aesthetic and design perspectives. A versatile and cosmopolitan design tool originates from a balanced graphic and colour reinterpretation, combining the timeless aesthetics with the exceptional performance and functionality of porcelain stoneware.


Slab2 imprints the very essence of slate on the ceramic surface, so alive and dynamic that it evolves continuously without ever losing its expressive identity. A transversal subject of design and imagination, capable of being modernised in any environment, going beyond the fashions of the time and the boundaries of genre and style.

The authenticity of the inspirational stone is declined in a versatile and chameleon-like collection, free to be interpreted in combination with heterogeneous colours and materials to give life to multiform projects and stylistic atmospheres.