Discover the travertine effect: Iconica teams the timeless beauty of stone with the impressive performance of porcelain stoneware Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

11 April 2024

After over 2000 years in the spotlight in the field of art and architecture, the travertine effect remains a  universal icon for interior and exterior design, with unrivalled character. Join us to explore its expressive potential, with the Iconica collection by Caesar!

Caesar Iconica ClassicoVerso DecRammed Bagno9

Travertine-effect porcelain

The Iconica collection offers a new take on travertine stone, with a complete system of surfaces that amplify the aesthetic perspectives of the material, shaping everyday living spaces thanks to the easily combinable shades and sizes.

A careful reinterpretation of patterns and colours gives rise to a versatile, cosmopolitan design resource that not only recalls the timeless beauty of travertine, but also factors in the exceptional performance and functional characteristics of porcelain stoneware.

The travertine-effect collection by Caesar is a perfect reflection of the authentic character of natural stone, making it ideal for creating magnificently classy looks. Let’s see how.

Designing with ceramic material

Iconica brings the travertine effect to design projects that seek to give a sophisticated, cultured look to ceramics, designing living spaces and décor using the excellent technical performance of Caesar porcelain stoneware.

The collection comes in three colours (Navona, Classico, Silver) and two vein variants (Verso and Contro) that replicate the way quarried blocks are sectioned. These textures can be used to create elegant compositions featuring the same colours and easily combinable.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Verso, with its typical lengthwise streaks, evokes the way in which the passage of time is impressed on the stone, with its layering and distinctive colours.
  • Contro, with its sophisticated swirling, cloudy effects, conveys a sensation of mystery and sophistication that combines soft tones with light and shade effects.

So the Caesar range offers a total of six colour-texture combinations, with a colour range in keeping with the material it’s inspired by, striking a perfect balance between authentic shades and contemporary tastes.

Caesar Iconica ClassicoVerso MosHexaClassico Bagno Dett5

A smooth blend of style and function

Caesar has always been renowned for its functional surfaces and highly stylish colour combinations, striking a perfect balance between technical expertise and aesthetics. With four finishes offering increasing levels of anti-slip performance (Matt R10B Touch Plus, Antique R10B, Grip R11 C, Aextra20 R11C), the Iconica collection also guarantees seamless style continuity between interiors and exteriors, as well as for shower and wellness areas.

Nourish your design vision

The array of material effects, teamed with the surface finishes, the two textures and the eight sizes (from large slabs to classic tile formats, with anti-slip and extra-thick outdoor versions) create a range that makes no compromises, moving beyond the classic applications of natural stone in keeping with modern design requirements.

The range is completed with the decorations, in harmony with the spirit of the material Iconica is inspired by, offering multiple mosaic options (Comp M, Hexa) and more linear geometries (Straight); decorations conceived to enhance living spaces with subtly elegant, versatile patterns.

The travertine-effect ceramic tiles by Caesar thus respond to the various specific technical requirements of indoor and outdoor applications, with details and finishes that blend smoothly to shape a new classic yet contemporary dimension.

If you’d like more information on the Iconica collection for your next project, contact one of our experts!

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A protagonist in over 2000 years of art and architectural history, travertine is a universal icon with a unique and unmistakable personality. In the third millennium, the appeal of travertine continues unaffectedly to captivate designers all over the world.

Iconica reinvents the appeal of travertine in a complete surface system, multiplying aesthetic and design perspectives. A versatile and cosmopolitan design tool originates from a balanced graphic and colour reinterpretation, combining the timeless aesthetics with the exceptional performance and functionality of porcelain stoneware.