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14 March 2024

Today, more than ever before, the bathroom is a setting interior designers and architects love to experiment with. No longer simply a utility room, the bathroom has now carved out a key role for itself in shaping the identity of our living spaces. Porcelain stoneware tiles for the bathroom are an excellent solution in terms of appearance, performance and installation for the floors and walls of the smallest, most intimate room in the house.

Let’s look at the three main reasons why porcelain stoneware slabs are the ideal option for your bathroom!

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1) Excellent design potential

The bathroom can be everything from a mere utility room to an actual home spa, and can blend with the décor look of the rest of the home, in line with your personal tastes and style.

Tiles play an essential role in bathroom décor, thanks to the wide range of material effects available on the market (wood, stone, metal, concrete, marble, fabric…), as well as surface finishes (offering a variety of tactile textures, ranging from natural to polished), decorations (ideal for splashbacks and open showers), and of course shapes and sizes (from classic mosaic tiles up to concrete-style maxi slabs, as well as stoneware strip tiles with grain and colours reminiscent of wood, and majolica-inspired brick tiles).

Especially for rooms with few furnishing elements, it’s the tiles that shape a unique style and become a significant décor element.

2) Performance and technical quality

The bathroom is the most humid room in the house, and one of the busiest, so it’s very important to take account of this when choosing covering materials for floors and walls, so as to guarantee maximum hygiene and safety.  

Thanks to its impressive technical properties, porcelain stoneware is ideal for such applications, because its non-porous surface makes it impermeable to bacteria, mould and chemical agents, and its chemical composition means the texture is unaffected by everyday cleaning products.

When it comes to safety, anti-slip characteristics are essential for ceramic surfaces. This parameter generally varies depending on the statistical likelihood of falls. In this case, the anti-slip category is R 10 B.

The extraordinary technical characteristics we’ve just mentioned are typical of stoneware, and are the result of painstaking research into materials and on-going innovation along the production chain. All this applies to both the large sizes and the tiles measuring just a few centimetres.

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3) Practical to install

Porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles are the most practical solution for anyone looking for a material that is durable, hygienic and guarantees excellent technical performance.

Thanks to technical innovation, tilers will find stoneware slabs extremely quick and easy to lay.

This allows interior designers to create seamless design projects with ample scope, choosing the stoneware slabs best suited to the bathroom décor idea, making the most of large sizes and reduced thicknesses. 

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Looking for the porcelain stoneware collection that’s a perfect fit for your bathroom?

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