EVERY DAY COUNTS: SUSTAINABILITY IN CAESAR WORLD Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

13 April 2022

A new project under the banner of sustainability to describe the values and mission that have always been characterising Caesar

Sustainability. It is a frequent and highly topical word in international issues involving the economy, politics and society in general. But what does it mean? The etymology leads us back to a concept of protection, referencing the Latin terms sub and tenēre.


The resulting Italian declination has embraced many areas and many different aspects. It is sure that the theme of protection and, consequently, of well-being were primary for Caesar since its foundation, when it started producing porcelain stoneware and carried out its design consciously, offering its customers the greatest functional and aesthetic support, and guaranteeing its employees and collaborators respect and attention.


On the basis of this ethic principle, Caesar has been building a long-standing path dedicated to sustainability, with concrete actions that gave a tangible demonstration of a solid and heartfelt principle that should be considered a constant projection towards the future rather than an end point. Since then, Caesar has committed itself every day, and every day it has grown a little more and developed, as a company and as a market leader, transforming these principles into consolidated values that today it wants to share in an even more transparent way with its vast and varied public, which can recognise them and identify with them.


Every day counts is Caesar's new project that aims to tell the story of how important it is to pursue the basic principles of a green and people-oriented way of doing business every day. Here, attention to the environment, workers' wellbeing and social responsibility go hand in hand to lead to the creation of porcelain stoneware solutions that represent the excellence of Made in Italy in terms of both production and ethics.


And EARTH, PEOPLE and COMMUNITY are the main topics that Caesar will address to tell about its mission, developing numerous communication activities - including visuals, brochures, social programming, video and photo shoots and a landing page, everydaycounts.caesar.it


The principles of the circular economy characterise the actions of the EARTH theme, reporting the important choices made by Caesar: from the complete recycling of fired and unfired scraps, as well as of process water (thanks to the closed-circuit purification system); to the separate and certified collection of materials both in the industrial process and inside the offices (iron, wood, plastic, paper, cardboard); followed by the strong focus on the energy aspect: operations such as the reduction of emissions, logistic efficiency and energy cogeneration (with a plant that covers up to 70% of the overall requirement) undoubtedly push towards self-generation and, therefore, a conscious management aimed at safeguarding resources. This principle is also associated with the numerous product, process and design certifications, and the special technical features of porcelain stoneware, whose durability and recyclability assist the sustainability process.


But that's not all: porcelain stoneware is a sustainable material, to the benefit of those who choose Caesar products: it is 100% natural, as it does not contain harmful substances and does not release components of an organic nature (VOC or formaldehyde) into the environment; it is 100% safe, because it is plastic-free and does not contain other chemicals, such as waterproofing agents, paints, resins; it has high hygiene standards, thanks to its compact surface. As highlighted in the PEOPLE section, Caesar's workplaces are also healthy and safe, favouring the wellbeing of workers, which the company encourages with regular refresher and training courses, as well as with organisational work models aimed at complementing professional and personal needs as much as possible.


Wellbeing measures are also the basis for actions aimed at people in the community. Indeed, the COMMUNITY aspects well highlight the operations aimed at supporting the virtuous introduction of Caesar in the local community: social and cultural initiatives are regularly organised to favour its growth and development, as well as welfare initiatives such as donations to NGOs, youth and schools.


A rich project to discover, therefore, demonstrating how Caesar's commitment goes from the past to the future without any interruption; and a path to follow: on the dedicated website everydaycounts.caesar.it, displaying detailed information on the sustainability features of Caesar materials and the certifications obtained; and in the transversal appointments that Caesar organises in the various international locations, starting with Design Weeks in Milan and London. Here, in the corresponding Urban Labs, live events, testimonials and installations connected with the Every Day Counts project will be available.


"Every day our choices determine who we are. Our goals and ideals are the reason why we get up in the morning, choosing to responsibly defend what we care about. Every day we act to build and improve our surroundings: our environment, our people, our whole lives. Every day we strive for efficiency in everything we do. We are the first to generate the energy for our daily actions. We do not waste resources, always aiming to offer a second chance, because sometimes less is more. We play by the rules and proudly boast when our efforts are recognised. Every day we love what we do, processing products that represent our mission and improve people and the world we live in. Because every day counts". CERAMICHE CAESAR