CAESAR FLIES TO LAS VEGAS TO SUPPORT INNOVATION IN CERAMICS Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

21 March 2022

The company from Fiorano Modenese is one of the protagonists of the new edition of Coverings; its solutions are increasingly oriented towards cutting-edge design.

Coverings reopens its doors and prepares to host the best in innovation and design for the natural stone and ceramic sectors.

From 5 to 8 April 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Nevada-USA), the US trade fair will once again be the centre of excellence for all exhibitors and visitors from all over the world who are looking for opportunities to take the world of surfaces a step ahead in terms of efficiency and aesthetics.


One of the main ambassadors for Made in Italy, Caesar will be exhibiting at Booth C7438 to showcase the constant R&D work that has enabled them to bring ceramics ever closer to artistic and design levels, becoming exclusive among the international excellences in the industry.


The central role of nature is undoubtedly interpreted in a wide range of ways throughout Caesar's culture: production is strongly devoted to environmental protection and sustainable solutions govern the vision of the company focused on men in their need for comfort, quality, functionality and well-being.


Caesar's mission is to investigate the structural and emotional aspects of natural materials in their collections, such as Anima Futura, a futuristic projection of the original splendour of marble in seven striking colours and two finishes, matt and polished.


Moreover, the LUX glossy finish gives a new boost to the already original Alchemy collection, presented in 2020. The alchemy between material and design dominates porcelain stoneware of Alchemy, that explores the beauty of metal, according to the unpredictable paths and surprising chromatic effects which oxidation creates on its surface. The precious Lux version, glossy and reflective, creates a precious proposal with unusual elegance.


Classic and Italian stone is also the dominant feature of Key_mood, a collection that brings men back to their essence, a return to nature in a modern and minimalist key. The wide range of colours and sizes is completed by three highly appealing finishes: Matt R10 B, pleasant, with a high anti-slip coefficient; SOFT, soft and velvety; GRIP R11 C, which replicates the typical effect of stones which have undergone micro-sandblasting operations, with a specific anti-slip coefficient for areas where water is also present.


Even the best Alpine quartzite finds in Caesar a valid interpretation tool for the Quartz Essence ceramic collection, which discovers the many facets of uncontaminated natural stone and makes versatility its strong point, always finding the best design response from its wide range of solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces.


Caesar stands for the quality and value of porcelain stoneware in an international context, as demonstrated by the Made-in-USA collections of Caesar on the Coverings 2022 booth, which translate American stylistic features into all-Italian functional and aesthetic attention. Like Style, presented to the public last spring, where soft lines and enveloping shades offer a contemporary opportunity for architecture and interior design.


There will also be previews of the Spring-Summer collections, displayed on the booth as prototypes of the most exclusive trend studies to give the North American market the right answer to surface design.


Caesar looks forward to seeing you from 5 to 8 April at Coverings 2022, Booth C7438, at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Nevada-USA).

From our Collection


Nature, inside and out

The beauty of the finest alpine quartzites is given a new lease on life in a stoneware interpretation with a contemporary twist: Quartz Essence uncovers the myriad facets of uncontaminated natural stone.

Vein patterns, chromatic variability, games of matte and reflective effects, articulated surfaces which refer to the natural splitting of stone: Quartz Essence is astounding to look at and satisfying to touch.
Four finishes make it possible to find the best product for each intended setting, every time.
An innovative range of backgrounds provides the project with countless solutions, from the simplest installations to the characteristic multi-size layouts.




AExtra Modular   


The chromatic variability accentuated by Quartz Essence makes multiple size installations extremely appealing: the rich offering of sizes - on both the 20 mm and the 9 mm thickness - allows the designer to choose from endless possibilities.

On the Aextra20 range, Caesar offers four multiple size modules, exploiting the dimensions in the range and introducing two cutting sizes -30x60 and 30x30 - dedicated to this particular usage.


◰ Discover the modules


The precision of the metal look meets the experimentation and transformations visualised by high-level design, bringing to life a porcelain tile collection with extraordinary visual power.

Captivating and contemporary, Alchemy explores the beauty of metal, following the unpredictable paths and surprising colours that oxidisation creates on its surface.

Alchemy lights up living spaces with its intense colours, its decisive chromatic variations, rich in shades.


Key_mood draws its inspiration from a classic Italian stone, which is elemental and elegant, interpreting it with a modern and minimalist twist; this line of porcelain tiles takes man back to his essence, a
return to nature towards unprecedented style accomplishments.

The texture of the products stems from a profound synergy between styling and technique, between
an elegant look and contemporary style.

Caesar USA

Dal 1997 siamo presenti nel Nord America con una struttura commerciale: CAESAR CERAMICS USA.

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