Caesar Design Film Award Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

Caesar Design Film Award

Cinema, Design, Caesar: tre identità che entrano in sinergia per un progetto di grande interesse e dalla forte eco sia nel mondo della comunicazione, sia del design.


Ceramiche Caesar prende parte all’organizzazione della sesta edizione di Ennesimo Film Festival, promuovendo la creazione di un nuovo concorso che premia i cortometraggi legati al design e all’architettura: Caesar Design Film Award.



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The theme of the 2023 edition is Design Visions: Aiming for new goals, imagining possible futures, finding creative solutions and answers to real needs. Every architecture or interior design project intended to last has a vision behind it. It is the higher principle that guides choices.

The objective of the award is to create a bridge between the world of design and the world of film art, which today represents not only a form of entertainment and storytelling, but also a reality capable of engaging and educating all those interested in the world of design in its various forms of expression.

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The selected movies

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The Jury

Cinema, Design, Caesar: three identities that enter into synergy for a project of great interest and with a strong echo both in the world of communication and design.


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Wannabe Designers - Special Mention

In addition to the official winner of the Caesar Design Film Award, the shorts will also compete for the Wannabe Designers Special Mention which will be awarded by a jury made up of university students from the Faculties and Schools of Architecture, Design, Graphics and Art.

Caesar Design Film Award 2022
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With this initiative, Ceramiche Caesar reaffirms its affinity for the worlds of architecture and design and its commitment to innovation, expressed in its unceasing research into ceramic solutions as well as in the use of cutting edge communications.


Cinema is here a valuable tool for expressing  Caesar's  values  in  an  original  way,  including  its  Made  in  Italy  branding,  and its  social and environmental ethics, which can be summed up as a green oriented approach which respects both  man  and  the  ecosystem:  aspects  which  are  nourished  by  both  the  company's Emilian  rootsand its global reach.

The latest CDFA edition: 2023

The fourth edition of the award was won by Jim Stephenson with his short film Jubilee Pools

The film Jubilee Pools shows the relationship between place, people, and space – an inseparable triad that accompanies everyone's life. For space is precisely the place where we create memories and bonds. The design visions in this narrative also take into account the history of the place and the stories of a community that has grown around it.

Among the awards given during the night of 4 May, students of of the University of Bologna conferred the Wannabe Designers Mention on In Between by Samir Karahoda. In addition, Ken Rischard won the People’s Mention with the film Glimmen.

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