Synopsis of movies in the final – CDFA 2023 Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

Synopsis of movies in the final – CDFA 2023


2022 - 3 min - USA


After the devastating floods caused by Superstorm Sandy, an architect sets out to design a new electrical substation to withstand future storm events while also serving as a civic beacon for the community.


By Shannon Goldman

Shannon Goldman is the founder of Super G Films, a New York-based production company, where he directs, edits and produces commercials, features and brand films.



2022 - 16 min - Luxemburg



Forgotten spaces that are filled with memories of past lives: a journey immersed in sound through the once so prosperous steel industry in the heart of Europe.


By Ken Rischard

Grown up in Luxembourg, after attending the University for Music and Performing Arts, he became interested in film, and worked as a sound engineer in the making of his first documentary film.



2022 - 7 min - France


To find less carbon-intensive solutions, the architects of the Ciguë Agency are studying the potential of using plaster instead of cement, which is responsible for 30% of CO2 emissions in the building sector.


By Simon Pénochet

Originally from the south of France, Simon graduated from a Parisian film school. He captures with emotion portraits of passionate women and men combining a neat image with an intimate approach to his subject.



2019 - 13 min - Kosovo


In rural areas of Kosovo, homes are being built for family members working abroad, in the hope that one day they will return to settle in their old homeland.


By Samir Karahoda

He started working as a photographer in 1992. He has directed several short and feature films. The documentary short In Between, from 2019, is his directorial debut. During the same year he also received the Annual Film Award from the Minister of Culture of Kosovo.




2022 - 7 min - Italia


The inhabitants of a peripheral area in Milan take to the streets to defend five murals in the district. The drawings, dating back to the 70s, depict Jimi Hendrix and other counterculture icons, but a company wants to replace them with a mural by the artist Maurizio Cattelan.


By Maurizio Dalla Palma

Raised in Venice, he is now coordinator of the Grazia weekly journal. During his career, after studying Multimedia Storytelling at the Columbia School of Journalism in New York, he served as an editor at TG4 and the European TV channel Euronews. He is the director of a series of short films.


2022 - 7 min - Great Britain


The people of Penzance have a long and storied history of swimming so when Jubilee Pools was at threat, the community came together to save it. It is an art deco, sea-feed outdoor swimming complex that has recently been updated by the architect Scott Whitby Studio.


By Jim Stephenson

Trained in architecture, he worked for a number of practices before turning to photography and eventually film making. His film focuses on the process of architecture and the way people interact with it.


2022 - 9 min - Belgio


The film shows two stories at the same time: the one of the four metal trusses of the Amal Amjahid building and the other of the Bogdan & Van Broek Studio’s architects, who ideated it and designed it.


By Jonathan Ortegat

Born in Bruxelles, after studying Communication he moved to Buenos Aires, where he studied Directing and worked as a cinematographer and as a video reporter for the France Press Agency. He came back to Belgium, where he collaborates with various architectural and urban planning offices.

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