The ventilated façade by Caesar for the Holz Strutture HQ Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

A complex architectural revamping testifies to the commitment to sustainability and aesthetic innovation in the name of green building.  We are in the town of Cerignola, Apulia, where the gaze wanders between the whispered stories of ancient stones in the alleys and ambitious design visions. Here, the future of construction follows the new challenges of metropolitan design, while remaining pleasantly embedded in the urban fabric of Foggia area.

HOLZ Stutture Cerignola 09 3

The result of an impressive demolition and reconstruction project, the new headquarters of Holz Strutture - a company specialising in timber structures and green building - is an example of this architectural blending: an impeccable fusion of modern aesthetics and the existing residential context, a work that captures the eye with its play of staggered volumes (the building stands on five levels) and the natural materials chosen for the outer shell. Ceramiche Caesar also fits into this dialogue on architectural redevelopment, embracing the idea of high aesthetic performance, broad design freedom of its ceramic collections and the value of sustainability.

The pivotal element of the building's exterior façade are, indeed, porcelain stoneware slabs from the Portraits collection, capable of ensuring technical performance at the top of the category along with a modern compositional solution that constitutes a true decorative architectural piece.

HOLZ Stutture Cerignola 46 3

The ventilated façade is realised following a combination of soft colours that express a construction vision devoted to aesthetic value, ease of installation and the building's thermal comfort, thanks to the ceramic material used.

Comblanchien and Kirkby are the nuances of the collection installed on the façade, imposing clean lines and elegance on the building envelope. The combination of stoneware inspired by natural stone enhances the feeling of a design devoted to sustainability and integrated into the urban fabric: Kirkby, a shade of grey with a slight cloudy effect, expresses an urban character that adds charm to the symbols of the town, such as the great dome of the cathedral, visible from the upper floors of the building, and whose colour palette it takes up. Comblanchien features a white background patterned with light, elegant and natural darker veins, ideal for application in ventilated façades; it was also chosen as a floor and wall tiling for interiors, bathrooms and stairways.

HOLZ Stutture Cerignola 53 3

The outdoor installation of the same surface creates seamless effects: a neutral white all-in-one colour that evokes the suggestion of the place from which it takes its name, combining a material devoted to aesthetic excellence that pleases the eye and guarantees first-rate technical characteristics.


Project by: Holz Strutture Srl

The tiles used in the project

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