Beauty at height: Caesar ceramic products in the Alps at the impressive Schneeberg Family Hotel Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

There are places that do magic: you only have to look at them to feel their embrace.

A breathtaking landscape, an extraordinary work of architecture, the harmonious blend of natural and artificial...

The Schneeberg Family Spa Resort is an architectural gem built in full respect of Nature's magnificence, with its wood and stone structure and large glass windows extending towards the valley.

Just look at it and you smell the scent of steaming canederli, typical Italian bread dumplings, the warm water of the pools, the peace of the wellness area.

A five-sense dream, framed by the Jaufen mountain, the Stubai Alps and the Snow Mountain (Schneeberg), after which it is named.

We are located in Val Ridanna, 15 minutes from Sterzing, at an altitude of 1,380 metres.

Schneeberg pool 16

Thanks to its ample space, the 4-star family hotel is able to cater for young and adults with a remarkable range of services. Starting with a wellness and swimming pool area of more than 8,000 m² where Ceramiche Caesar also contributed to the creation of an elegant and relaxing atmosphere, with a supply of porcelain stoneware floor tiles for about 2,500 m².

The Shapes of Italy collection, in the Lavis shade, is applied on the floors of the swimming pool area and in the pools themselves, the entrance and the entire wellness area, as well as those of the toilets. A sublime interpretation of porphyry in a ceramic key, a reference to a stone strongly rooted in Italian tradition that goes well with the stone walls of the swimming pool or the wooden furnishings of the spa.

A customisation of the Ventaglio decoration - also in Lavis - characterises the access floor to the wellness area in a unique way, creating an effect reminiscent of water waves: a unique customised solution that acts as a preface to the story of peace and relaxation told by the spa.

Schneeberg sauna 6

With Shapes of Italy, Caesar combines contemporary design with the classic elegance of the finest Italian stones, developing a range with numerous colours and an equal number of sizes and finishes.

Its use in environments with plenty of water, such as walkways on pool sides, is particularly interesting. The inherent characteristics of porcelain stoneware, with its different anti-slip coefficients (R10 B Matt and R11 C textured and grip for areas where water is present), make this collection ideal also for these areas.

Shapes of Italy also characterises the interior of the Schneeberg indoor pools, providing them not only with technical performance, but also with appeal and sophistication.


Distributor: Wolf Living

Photos: Roberto Leoni

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