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Single-piece porcelain stoneware slabs for outdoor use in 20 millimetre thickness with an anti-slip surface finish.

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Thanks to the excellent resistance of Caesar porcelain stoneware for outdoor use, and the choice of  four different installation methods, AExtra20 is the ideal solution for all types of outdoor flooring. The extensive colour range and a vast array of trim pieces allow the system to cater to all design requirements.

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Types of installation

Installation on gravel

caesar posa su ghiaia

Installation on grass

posa su erba gres porcellanato 20 mm

Installation on sand

posa su sabbia gres porcellanato 20 mm

Raised installation

posa su sopraelevata gres porcellanato 20 mm

Traditional installation with adhesives

posa tradizionale con colla gres porcellanato 20 mm

Final use

Garden design

giardini destinazioni gres porcellanato 20 mm

Pathways and large paved areas

percorsi e distese destinazioni gres porcellanato 20 mm

Swimming pools and wellness areas

piscine e spiagge destinazioni gres porcellanato 20 mm

Carriageable floors

pavimenti carrabili destinazioni gres porcellanato 20 mm
Instructions for project engineers and customers

If the application of the 20 - 30 mm slabs foresees the ceramic product used in structural installations, the project engineer and/or customer must carefully assess the project requirements with regard to the technical specifications of the slabs. To prevent the risk of damage or injury, the manufacturer recommends:

  • with regard to a raised floor installation a ceramic slab may fracture on impact if a heavy object falls on it from any significant height. Therefore the manufacturer recommends to check the specific intended use before starting the installation and to follow table for raised installation provided below.
  • in certain conditions, reinforcing must be applied on the back of the slabs (double glass fibre net or a galvanized steel sheet) supplied and applied by the manufacturer;
  • with reference to any dry installation system of flooring above the ground level, the manufacturer recommends to comply with local regulations and conditions of use with regard to wind-load, loadbearing,seismic events, etc. Failure to comply with these recommendations may lead to improper use of the product and could cause serious damage or injury.

Failure to comply with these recommendations may lead to improper use of the product and could cause serious damage or injury.

istruzioni posa sopraelevata caesar2


  • Outdoor pavings installed unglued above the ground level are subject to the action of the wind, with the risk, in some cases, of becoming airborne. The manufacturer recommends to require the assistance of a qualified professional in order to check the suitability of the installation system above the ground adopted, in accordance with the local laws and regulations and the conditions of use. failure to do so could result in serious injury or property damage.
  • A ceramic slab installed on a raised pedestal system may fracture on impact if a heavy object is dropped onto it from a height, with a risk of injury to anyone standing or walking on such slab. failure to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for installation of slabs on raised pedestal systems may result in serious injury.
  • For further information and recommendations concerning the installation systems please refer to website or to the Aextra20 / Aextra30 catalogue.

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Sizes of AExtra20 porcelain stoneware for outdoor use

The AExtra20 range offers 8 sizes that respond to every creative wish and meet the most diverse design needs with porcelain stoneware for outdoor use. The sizes available in the AExtra20 range are:

  • 120x120
  • 60x120
  • 40x120
  • 30x120
  • 90x90
  • 60x90
  • 45x90
  • 60x60 cm

Colour range

AExtra20 slabs are produced in an extensive range of colours that faithfully reproduce the original tones and shades of the sources of inspiration, for a style that blends beautifully with the architectural and design context.

Types of installation for porcelain stoneware for outdoor use

  • Installation on gravel
  • Installation on grass
  • Raised installation 
  • Traditional installation with adhesives

Final use

Caesar porcelain stoneware slabs for outdoor use can be used for garden design, with the installation of paths or floored patio areas, for pathways and large paved areas, for the paving of swimming pools and wellness areas or for the installation of carriageable floors in residential or public areas.

The technical advantages of AExtra20 porcelain stoneware

  • Single-piece: AExtra20 tiles are resistant because they consist of a single piece and not of multiple layers bonded together;
  • Eco-sustainable: AExtra20 slabs are produced with minimal environmental impact and are recyclable at end-of-life;
  • Fire-proof: porcelain stoneware for outdoor use does not burn and does not emit toxic fumes since the mix contains no plastic. 
  • Frost-proof: porcelain stoneware surfaces do not freeze when temperatures fall;
  • Unalterable over time: products in the AExtra20 range are resistant to abrasion and wear, and remain just as beautiful as when newly installed;
  • Resistant to salt: porcelain stoneware for outdoor use does not corrode as a result of contact with salt;
  • Anti-slip: porcelain stoneware surfaces for outdoor use are safe for pedestrian traffic;
  • Resistant to loads: the AExtra20 range is designed and produced to withstand weights and loads;
  • Resistant to thermal shock: porcelain stoneware is unaffected by sudden changes in temperature;

Resistant to mould and moss: products in the AExtra20 range are hygienic and do not permit mould and moss to take root and thrive on their surfaces.

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