What are the most suitable office floors? Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

08 June 2023

Choosing office flooring is not like designing your own home. Needs change, priorities change and with them the characteristics that the materials must have. In this article you will find some useful and practical tips that will help you when searching for the most suitable floors for your office.

What are the characteristics to bear in mind when choosing office floors?

The floor we choose will have to withstand a heavy load of furniture and will be exposed to a certain amount of daily stress and wear due to the continuous trampling of people and the rubbing of chairs with castors. The materials used for the floor covering will also have to guarantee a long life span, maintaining their original appearance.

Routine maintenance will also be different from that of homes, as these are public spaces where many people pass through. Consequently, it is necessary to choose a floor that is also resistant to the various substances present in cleaning agents.

With regard to aesthetics, on the contrary, it is advisable to find a material that has a rich variety of finishes, colours and formats. This is very important because it allows you to differentiate rooms and furnish them with a professional and modern look thanks to original combinations.

The market currently offers various solutions, but are we really sure that the materials on the market have all the characteristics described above? Let's discover them together!

CAESAR lancio Prima Avio 120x120 Chalk 120x120 Ecru 60x60 LIVING PART 4

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Is there a floor covering that has all these properties?

Finding a material that combines all these characteristics is not straightforward. Not all the solutions we are going to look at will be durable and economical at the same time. The world of materials is very diversified.

Take laminate, for example. This is a material that offers multiple design solutions due to its extreme aesthetic versatility. Easy to install (thanks to its quick, floating installation), laminate flooring requires little maintenance. Its very affordable price certainly makes it an attractive solution. Unfortunately, however, it is particularly sensitive to heat and wear from footsteps.  

For lovers of natural materials, parquet and marble represent a very refined solution that brings harmony and elegance to the entire office environment. However, both materials require special maintenance and specific treatments due to their delicacy and porosity. For these reasons, many people today have decided to focus on marble-effect or wood-effect porcelain stoneware.

Among the trendy materials for covering office floors is also resin. It is a very innovative, economical and versatile solution. Resin floors are impressive. They have a brilliant and original appearance. However, they are very sensitive to scratches, knocks and abrasions, which tend to be more visible due to the smooth, shiny and uniformly coloured surface.

CAESAR Anima Futura Keen Grey Pink Onyx Join Verve Living Part Orizzontale SITO6

The perfect material for your office exists: the characteristics of Caesar porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware is probably the material that best suits the needs of the office because it is able to guarantee important technical performance: the floor is highly resistant to impact, stress of various kinds, stains and humidity. It is a material that does not undergo colour changes over time and is easily washable. Firing in kilns that exceed a temperature of 1200 °C makes porcelain stoneware a safe, totally fireproof material: the floor does not burn, does not react to fire and does not produce toxic gases in the event of a fire as it contains no traces of plastic materials.

 From an aesthetic point of view, the rich variety of finishes, colours and formats offers endless design advantages. All this is possible thanks to advanced technologies in the ceramic sector.

The Caesar collections are able to reproduce, with extreme realism on all surfaces, the unpredictable cracks and outgrowths of the cement effect. Particularly suitable for recreating atmospheres with a minimal and contemporary style, the Prima collection inspired by clay is characterised by an extraordinary chromatic richness. From the textures of concrete to the natural patterns of wood to give a touch of harmony and modernity: with the Cocoon collection, workplaces are given a decidedly cosy and positive mood. For lovers of the industrial style, the oxidation colours typical of the metal effect of the Alchemy collection are perfect for recreating a unique ambience, the result of the original alchemy between material and design. Another popular and much sought-after trend in more classic office contexts is the marble effect. The surfaces of the Anima Futura collection offer elegance, thanks to the veining and luminosity typical of such a refined material.

 Caesar Alchemy Frontale Cementine Navy Decor SITO2

Porcelain stoneware therefore represents a solution that combines aesthetics, practicality and technical performance. It is definitely the most suitable material for interior design projects because it is able to offer people living in work spaces a strong perception of well-being and harmony.

 For office floors Ceramiche Caesar offers a wide range of ceramic solutions characterised by the superior technical qualities of stoneware and 100% Italian design.

 If you are thinking of using porcelain stoneware for your offices and need further information, contact our Caesar expert!

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From our Collection


The marble look means timeless elegance: naturally at ease in contexts with strong reminders of the past, yet equally at home in contemporary settings.
With Anima Futura, Caesar porcelain stoneware lights up the radiant beauty of marble from an original perspective, suggesting a deeply trendy style with a keen eye on the future.

A charm-packed look for the 21st Century.


The precision of the metal look meets the experimentation and transformations visualised by high-level design, bringing to life a porcelain tile collection with extraordinary visual power.

Captivating and contemporary, Alchemy explores the beauty of metal, following the unpredictable paths and surprising colours that oxidisation creates on its surface.

Alchemy lights up living spaces with its intense colours, its decisive chromatic variations, rich in shades.


An antiqued and eclectic wood look that  matches  your  taste,  but  also  other  materials  and  inspirations,  to  give rise to the style you desire.

The emotion of wood

A charming encounter between the natural accent of the source of inspiration and the flavour of a slightly worn material, recovered through a pickling process.

Versatile by nature

Four colour variants and a multitude of sizes for a porcelain stoneware collection with a versatile soul, which lends itself to interesting combinations with other Caesar products.

MEET is the right choice to put together interiors projects inspired by the most innovative and lively styles of contemporary interior design.



6 colors enliven the flavor of stone with an everlasting charm. 6 sizes offer great versatility. 3 finishes give you the possibility to work in the most diverse environments. The Anima Ever range expands the potential of marble-effect porcelain stoneware and steps beyond the conventional use of floor and wall coverings towards the development of innovative furnishing elements


The look of one of the most precious types, to dress the home and other architectural spaces with warm and enveloping atmospheres.

Places to enjoy intense and fulfilling moments of everyday life, embraced by a natural and elegant, simple and contemporary design.

Cocoon is the ideal combination to fully express your emotions.


Prima is a reminder of the essentiality of clay, revisited with an appealing contemporary accent. A material conceived to design environments with an instinctive, yet contemporary comfort.

Eight colour reinterpretations of clay, including five basic colours and three trendy accents, make up an eclectic palette of harmonious, warm and soft tones.

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