The advantages of using porcelain stoneware tiles for a modern kitchen Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

07 September 2023

Today's modern kitchens are increasingly becoming places dedicated to socialising at home, where cutting-edge design solutions can be exploited without neglecting functionality. But among the various materials available on the market, what are the advantages of using porcelain stoneware tiles for a modern kitchen?

Let's discover these advantages in detail! 

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Porcelain stoneware for the modern kitchen: a technically flawless choice

During the design phase of a modern kitchen, the designer must evaluate the right wall and floor tiling material because the same must be able to meet very high technical-quality standards: safety, ease of cleaning, hygiene and durability

Porcelain stoneware is a material obtained from a mixture of clay and feldspars, then fired at very high temperatures (1,200-1,300°C). This process creates a non-porous sintering layer that gives the tile a strong resistance to water and mechanical stress.

Composed only of natural ingredients and free of plastics or harmful substances, porcelain stoneware therefore guarantees high technical performance for its resistance to chemicals, detergents and even stubborn stains. Moreover, it is a material unchanging in all weather conditions (frost and fireproof) and suitable for contact with food, because it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

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Which effects are best suited to your modern kitchen? 

Aesthetically speaking, porcelain stoneware tiles can take on infinite looks, finishes and sizes. This offers a huge design advantage because it allows for different styles, geometric compositions and original combinations. 

Particularly popular finishes in modern-style kitchens include the concrete effect which is highly combinable in light shades. The most appreciated applications are in large sizes as wall and floor tiling, seamless with the other rooms in the house, especially in open plan premises, or as kitchen tops and worktops in combination with more traditional furnishings such as shelves, chairs and tables in natural wood in contrasting dark colours such as mahogany or cherry. Grey concrete-effect porcelain stoneware (from darkest to lightest) also has an extremely attractive appearance in the kitchen, because it is an all-in-one colour that can be combined with glass wall units, coloured cabinets or, why not, steel, which add light and personality.   

The metal effect is another trendy look for modern kitchens, and it is now possible to create the unpredictable shades and oxidations typical of this material with extreme accuracy thanks to technological production processes in the ceramic industry. Porcelain stoneware tiles with a metal look light up spaces with intense colours and bold, rich colour variations

Marble effect in the kitchen is the symbol of an essential and elegant style, characterised by bright reflections and monochrome shades. It expresses in all its beauty in the choice of this textural effect as a floor and wall tiling material. Porcelain stoneware kitchen tiles from the collections with marble effect represent the right furnishing solution, with timeless beauty that is able to impress even in modern settings. 

Finally, a great evergreen of modern kitchen looks: wood. Thanks to porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles with wood effect it is possible to faithfully reproduce all the natural essence of this material, highlighting veining, knots and nuances. 

The choice is really wide to furnish your modern kitchen in style: the only limit is your imagination!

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The versatility of porcelain stoneware for modern kitchen walls

The reduced thickness of porcelain stoneware tiles makes this material a perfect choice for creatively tiling tables, coffee tables, kitchen tops, shelves, wall units, partitions and doors. Another important advantage of porcelain stoneware is that it can be installed with thin joints, a feature that guarantees greater uniformity, especially when it comes to the cladding of furnishing design elements. 

First-class technical characteristics, aesthetic value and a wide range make porcelain stoneware an optimal choice for kitchen applications, also with a view to achieving visual continuity and uniformity between materials. 

For your modern kitchen Caesar offers a wide range of ceramic solutions with porcelain stoneware tiles, featured by the superior technical qualities of stoneware and 100% Italian design.

If you need further information, please contact our Caesar expert!

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The marble look means timeless elegance: naturally at ease in contexts with strong reminders of the past, yet equally at home in contemporary settings.
With Anima Futura, Caesar porcelain stoneware lights up the radiant beauty of marble from an original perspective, suggesting a deeply trendy style with a keen eye on the future.

A charm-packed look for the 21st Century.


The precision of the metal look meets the experimentation and transformations visualised by high-level design, bringing to life a porcelain tile collection with extraordinary visual power.

Captivating and contemporary, Alchemy explores the beauty of metal, following the unpredictable paths and surprising colours that oxidisation creates on its surface.

Alchemy lights up living spaces with its intense colours, its decisive chromatic variations, rich in shades.


The look of one of the most precious types, to dress the home and other architectural spaces with warm and enveloping atmospheres.

Places to enjoy intense and fulfilling moments of everyday life, embraced by a natural and elegant, simple and contemporary design.

Cocoon is the ideal combination to fully express your emotions.


Prima is a reminder of the essentiality of clay, revisited with an appealing contemporary accent. A material conceived to design environments with an instinctive, yet contemporary comfort.

Eight colour reinterpretations of clay, including five basic colours and three trendy accents, make up an eclectic palette of harmonious, warm and soft tones.


A wide offer of decorations in size 60x120 and 120x278, that can be combined with all Caesar collections.

Textures, colours and modular designs are available to characterise your architectural and interior design projects with style.