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18 January 2024

Be inspired by nature! The extraordinary properties of porcelain stoneware

Throughout the history of architecture and interior design, nature has always inspired men in their creations. Today, technological innovation in ceramic production is able to evoke unique emotional and sensory sensations, reproducing the peculiarities and aesthetic appearance of natural materials such as stone and marble in an extremely realistic manner. 

The extraordinary versatility and rich variety of effects make porcelain stoneware the perfect material for different styles of architecture and interior design. This also applies to projects for commercial premises and places open to the public, such as shops, boutiques, expos, libraries, hotels, conference halls, restaurants and outdoor venues.

The complexity of these projects requires a careful choice of materials made on the basis of needs, above all dictated by the special nature of the setting where the work is to be done. The high technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware meet all the standards required in the realisation of public projects: resistance to wearand foot traffic (stoneware flooring can be used to cover large areas with high traffic while remaining unchanged over time), impermeability to stains, humidity and chemicals (the surfaces can therefore be easily cleaned and disinfected with any type of detergent, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and ease of maintenance), and fire resistance (it is among the safest materials of all).

Not only aesthetics and technical properties, but also environmental sustainability: porcelain stoneware tiles are eco-friendly, made from natural raw materials and free of harmful substances.

Caesar Iconica SilverVerso Straight Negozio DettPav3

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Stone effect: nature interpreted in a modern key

Classic, resistant and essential, stone has a deep and ancient connection with man. Caesar draws inspiration from nature to create stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles in a modern key that brings men back to their essence.

A return to textured materials characterised by a minimalist style, ideal for commercial spaces and places open to the public with an essential and harmonious visual impact. 

Inspired by the charm of travertine, the Iconica collection by Caesar offers unique aesthetic and design solutions, thanks to an unprecedented graphic and chromatic reinterpretation of porcelain stoneware. The collection is characterised by graphic textures that can be perfectly matched: Verso, with typical longitudinal stripes; Contro, characterised by refined arabesques of cloudy stripes.

As far as the colour palette is concerned, the solutions proposed are all in line with the spirit of the material of inspiration through tones harmonised with contemporary taste: a range of colours that matches modern design requirements - from large slabs to more classic sizes, from anti-slip finishes to thicker outdoor tiles.

Another stone-effect collection ideal for shops or public spaces is Portraits, a collection of eclectic surfaces that tell stories of people and places. For each story we find a colour and an inspiration in a natural stone. It is an ideal solution to meet high safety standards as it is an extremely slip-resistant material with R10 B coefficient and an extraordinary soft touch.

CAESAR Anima Futura Amazing Silver Pink Onyx Join Ink Boutique SITO6

The timeless elegance of the marble effect

Since antiquity, marble was used to enhance the most representative buildings of cities. Contemporary architecture today reinterprets the classicism of the past in a modern key through the use of porcelain stoneware in commercial spaces and places open to the public. 

Its veins (sharp or hinted), visual textures and striking colour transitions lend charm and elegance to spaces. 

The incredible variety of colours and geometric shapes in the Anima Futura collection by Caesar are able to illuminate all the beauty of marble, giving spaces a deeply contemporary and future-oriented style.

Caesar range is really wide. Among porcelain stoneware slabs collections inspired by this noble material we find Anima Ever, where textural minimalism is transformed into refined prestige. A natural evolution with a contemporary flavour, perfect for your shop.


As we have seen, Caesar offers manifold solutions that can make your furnishing ideas come to life.

 If you are thinking of using porcelain stoneware for your business and need more information, contact one of our experts!

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From our Collection


The marble look means timeless elegance: naturally at ease in contexts with strong reminders of the past, yet equally at home in contemporary settings.
With Anima Futura, Caesar porcelain stoneware lights up the radiant beauty of marble from an original perspective, suggesting a deeply trendy style with a keen eye on the future.

A charm-packed look for the 21st Century.



6 colors enliven the flavor of stone with an everlasting charm. 6 sizes offer great versatility. 3 finishes give you the possibility to work in the most diverse environments. The Anima Ever range expands the potential of marble-effect porcelain stoneware and steps beyond the conventional use of floor and wall coverings towards the development of innovative furnishing elements