Caesar porcelain stoneware tiles for commercial premises and public spaces Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

25 January 2024

Porcelain stoneware is a very durable and versatile compact ceramics, one of the most popular tiling product for commercial and public activities. It is a durable, hygienic, safe material that does not release harmful substances, is made from natural raw materials, and is fully recyclable: a perfect choice for floors and walls of public spaces. Let's find out why! 

Why choose porcelain stoneware for commercial premises and public spaces: technical properties

Produced by mechanical pressing and firing at very high temperatures, porcelain stoneware is the ideal material for tiling floors and surfaces subject to heavy traffic and trampling. The thorough production process that distinguishes Caesar porcelain stoneware gives the tiles extremely low absorption values and high resistance to various types of stress. Porcelain stoneware is also the ideal solution for commercial and public activities because it ensures very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene (it hinders the proliferation of germs and bacteria, is naturally hypoallergenic and does not release substances harmful to health - VOC Free). 

Another important advantage: it is a safe product. Firing in kilns that exceed a temperature of 1200°C makes porcelain stoneware totally fireproof (tiles do not burn, do not react to fire and do not produce toxic gases in the event of a fire as they do not contain any plastic materials).

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Caesar porcelain stoneware: an environmentally sustainable choice that looks to the future

Choosing an environmentally sustainable and durable material such as porcelain stoneware for floors and walls means investing in the future

Its production process is constantly improved to protect the environment by minimising the consumption of raw materials and natural resources: Caesar has a closed process water circuit, which enables the total recycling of the water used (the average daily amount of purified water is about 500 m3) and also achieves 100% recycling of ceramic waste.

Unfired and fired semi-finished products that are scrapped because they do not meet quality standards, including residual sludge and powders, are returned to the production process. This allows a significant reduction in the environmental impact in terms of raw materials extracted, transported and processed. 

At Caesar we carefully differentiate the collection of waste from all areas of the company. Iron, wood, plastic, paper, cardboard: every waste produced by the industrial process and by the offices is classified with a numerical code according to the prescriptions of the European Waste Catalogue EWC, then sent to the correct recycling and reuse procedure.

The comfort and aesthetics of Caesar porcelain stoneware tiles

Commercial activities and places open to the public, such as shops, boutiques, expos, libraries, hotels, conference rooms, restaurants and outdoor venues have chosen porcelain stoneware to improve comfort, aesthetics and safety. Caesar's collections interpret all the beauty of marble, stone, wood and metal to create cosy and comfortable atmospheres. In this article we will introduce you to some collections that are best suited for large commercial and public projects.

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Portraits: the beauty of stone details that tell stories of people and places

Portraits is the ideal stone effect collection for shops or public spaces. Its surfaces are ideal for telling stories about people and places with a strong identity. 

The ceramic material becomes a trace, a continuous evocation of multiple and changing landscapes, memories and suggestions.For each story we find a colour and an inspiration in a natural stone. This solution suitably meets safety standards. Its surfaces, which are soft to the touch, are designed to be slip resistant with R10 B coefficient. 

The extraordinary beauty of its seven patterns - Rouen, Erice, Faro, Comblanchien, Newport, Brera, Wells - impresses because of its wealth of details and facets. Discover the catalogue!

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