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09 February 2023

What better way to escape from the frazzling urban lifestyle than by finding some 'me' time in an environment designed to soothe your mind?If you are looking for a spell of relaxation (however long or short), spas and wellness centres are probably the most popular places to head for.

But what should go into the design of a space that meets this need to get away from it all  and wind down?And how can porcelain stoneware contribute to the design of these facilities?

If you look at any spa, whether it is centuries-old or an ultra-modern facility, there are certain characteristics shared by all these places that provide fundamental guidelines for designing unparalleled wellness spaces using porcelain stoneware tiles.Let's have a look at them!

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Wellness and design through textures and sizes

For a wellness facility to truly offer a sanctuary for the soul, the design must consider every single detail and the overall aesthetic must convey a sense of calm and tranquillity. In this sense, the shades chosen must be carefully balanced, neither too light nor too dark. Using porcelain stoneware for wellness spaces means you can choose from a wide range of products, featuring various textures,  which ensure the final result will always be sophisticated, absolutely never ordinary.From concrete-effect tiles to stone-effect options, the porcelain stoneware offerings for areas dedicated to rest and relaxation allow for endless design possibilities.

The file touches when designing a wellness facility include the choice of floor and wall tiles, for which particular attention should be focused on the sizeWith size options ranging from  standard to custom, the vast possibilities offered by porcelain stoneware mean that the choice comes down to aesthetics and architectural factors. Today, for example, swimming pools are built using oversize slabs, which are highly appreciated for the colour continuity and patterned effects they offer.


…. and then there are the trims!

Thanks to continuous technological research, over recent years the ceramics industry has developed a series of products that are specifically designed for wellness facilities. These solutions take into account not only the functionality and the aesthetics of the tiles but also the provision of trims (for example, those designed specifically for edging pools) which are essential for various aspects, including use, comfort, and safety.

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Indoor/outdoor continuity of materials 

In addition to indoor wellness spaces, places dedicated to achieving wellbeing may also be located outdoors in welcoming surroundings, amidst stunning landscapes. In places like these, the outdoor areas must draw in guests and, at the same time, feature  materials that are guaranteed to withstand a wide range of temperatures and the weather.

For a wellness centre located in an outdoor setting to be attractive, the relationship between indoors and out is a prerequisite for success;a necessary balance for the final  outcome of the project. That is why material continuity is a compelling means of achieving style, harmony, and dialogue between the interior and the exterior. The Camping Village Mediterraneo di Cavallino Treporti is a perfect example of this. For this holiday village, it is precisely the continuity of the natural porcelain stoneware that guarantees seamless style between the spa's indoor pools and its open-air ones.

Finding the balance between technicality and aesthetics

The architecture and the design of spaces dedicated to wellness require specific products that meet not only high technical standards but also ensure the desired aesthetic  is achieved.Whether you are  building a swimming pool, a sauna, or a entire spa centre, it is vital that you choose materials with the right functional features, such as porcelain stoneware, which are suitable for continuous contact with water and moisture.

In wellness spaces, stoneware with a special surface finish allows designers to create non-slip floors where users can walk  bare foot with complete peace of mind.

The material effects and textures of porcelain stoneware tiles also  allow you to combine technical practicality with a free rein to concentrate on aspects of the design that contribute to  creating the identity of the space.The range of material effects offered by porcelain stoneware is so extensive that can cover the most diverse design needs, from  stone to wood, marble to resin, etc.

With stoneware, designers can, for example, break down visual barriers between indoors and out by using the same material to create a single seamless setting.Conversely, in the case of a concept based on separate spaces, porcelain stoneware can guarantee contrasting looks while maintaining the same technical specifications.

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