Outdoor: the new frontier of design Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

25 May 2021

Outdoor is becoming one of the new frontiers of experimentation in design.

This past year, during which we have spent so much of our time indoors, has brought it home to us just how important certain spaces are which are often taken for granted, underestimated, or even not valued at all. How many of us have realized what a difference an outdoor corner can make to our well-being? How many have felt cheered up by the presence of a piece of nature to enjoy, even if it is only a small piece of land? Or a garden, a patio, a terrace, an outdoor walkway...

Researchers who monitor living trends have no doubt: for 2021 and beyond, outdoor will be one of the areas of residential living in which investment makes most sense. The underlying logic is to bring outside what has so far remained inside. To get out (it has to be said) of the narrow confines of the triad table-swing-chairs and indulge in open-air lounges, en plain air kitchens complete with cookers and fireplace, even small workspaces where remote working becomes increasingly smarter and less constrictive and even, for those who want sea vibes in their homes, outdoor showers to accompany the more traditional swimming pool.

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Outdoor spaces, in a nutshell, that eschew the old cliché of static areas where you just chat, snooze, read a book or enjoy the view. Gardening enthusiasts have long understood this. The popularity of this activity - whether enjoyed in conventional gardens, city allotments, or planted rooftops - is by now well established.

What is changing is the vision of this green, which is no longer just bucolic and escapist, but permeates the everyday life of each of us. A nature that is not afraid of technology, for example, with outdoor spaces equipped with sockets to connect your laptop to the company network. A nature that is not afraid of solitude and fragmentation either: the new outdoor spaces are also individual, oases of intimate relaxation, or of study and concentration, to find an escape from the cohabitation to which we are often forced.

The focus on what is above - the furniture - implies an equal focus on what is below - the floors. Porcelain slabs are ideal for floors, paths and walkways, swimming pools and relaxation areas, in both residential and public areas.

In response to these evolving outdoor trends, Caesar is proud to present the new 80x80 cm size Aextra20 line of extra-thick porcelain stoneware slabs, to offer even more flexibility in the design of outdoor spaces.

Being able to ensure outdoor spaces convey the right style note is a plus point that Caesar is extremely familiar with and with its Aextra20 slabs, as always, it focuses on looks without compromising on resistance, durability, or ease of cleaning and installation.

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In the new 80x80 size, nature is the dominant theme of the textures featured, including Stone, Wood, and Concrete. The different materials, found in all of the five collections marketed under Caesar brands Shapes of Italy, Quartz Essence, Materica, I. Mat, and Meet - make up a range with a high degree of eclecticism and functionality.

These offerings also ensure in & outdoor continuity as they are perfect for pairing with a vast assortment of 9 mm-thick indoor proposals measuring 80x80 cm.

From gardens to retail, spanning also wellness areas and swimming pools, the new 80x80 cm Aextra20 is an ideal decorative feature due to its wide range of trims available, as well as the colour options and surface finishes. It is an extremely sturdy material that can be laid with four different methods (on top of gravel and sand, over grass, as raised paving, and also conventional adhesive laying), immediately demonstrating its versatility and suitability for any setting.

A leap of scale and level to facilitate design freedom and practicality. To make outdoor living an experience you love.