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10 November 2023

What is modern-classic style?

The modern classic style is a mixture of contemporary elements, but with classical references. This trend makes use of traditional colours, shades, materials and furnishings, transforming them into "new classics" in perfect balance with modern design and is certainly one of the most eclectic and sought-after trends among international designers.

In this article you will discover some tips for creating a modern classical style bedroom in your home starting with the choice of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles.

Choosing floor and wall tiles in the modern classic style: some tips

To create a modern classical style bedroom, it is not enough to insert furniture design elements belonging to a modern era into a classical environment. The mark of time and classical styles can also be found in the effects in marble, wood or concrete - iconic elements of architecture. The porcelain stoneware collections we will discover today are inspired from these materials. 

The wide variety of nuances of natural marbles, faithfully reproduced by ceramic porcelain stoneware, makes it possible to combine a classical floor with modern elements, e.g. a velvet seat in bright colours or a metal and natural stone coffee table.


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Marble and concrete effects for your bedroom with a modern classical effect

In general, the design is simpler starting with the classical-modern elements such as the concrete or marble look flooring applied by Caesar in its collections. 

In this regard, solutions to choose from include Prima inspired by the essentiality of clay revisited with an appealing contemporary accent and Anima Wonder inspired by the grandeur of Nature and present in striking, vibrant colours: Snow, Glacier, Ocean, Starlit, Gems, Lagoon, Forest, Nightfall.

As for the concrete effect we find also the Autore collection which enchants the eye with its wealth of details and facets.

CAESAR lancio Prima Clay 80x80 Ecru 120x120 Keymood Cotton Stripes 60x120 Impression 120x278 CAMERA SITO6

Textures, colours and modular designs: all the fascination of Deco solutions

As far as wall tiling is concerned, the textures, colours and modular designs of the decorative porcelain stoneware slabs from the Deco Solutions collection allow you to characterise your architectural and interior design projects with style, achieving a striking scenic effect in the living room or bedroom, while maintaining the colour unchanged over time and with greater ease of cleaning and maintenance. 

The wood effect: a choice of warm, natural tones 

Modern classical bedrooms generally favour neutral colours (white, grey, brown and beige) to instil pleasant feelings and to facilitate the combination of different styles and shades with each other.

The Caesar wood-effect porcelain stoneware proposal Cocoon laid with Bliss decoration for example, is able to bring out all the classicism of the finish, completing the bedroom with a cosy and comfortable mood to which modern furnishing accessories such as crockery and minimal seats can be matched.

Metal effect: the brightness of metal for your modern classical bedroom

Another trendy finish widely used for a modern classical bedroom is the metal effect.

The Alchemy proposal interprets all the brightness of polished metal to give spaces an exclusive and contemporary character, fulfilling the demands of modern classic style with an elegance that never goes out of fashion. 

Caesar Alchemy CameraDaLetto Magnet Mint SITO4

If you are designing a modern classical style bedroom and are looking for the right material for the floor or wall tiling, contact us and a Caesar contact person will be at your disposal.


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From our Collection


The precision of the metal look meets the experimentation and transformations visualised by high-level design, bringing to life a porcelain tile collection with extraordinary visual power.

Captivating and contemporary, Alchemy explores the beauty of metal, following the unpredictable paths and surprising colours that oxidisation creates on its surface.

Alchemy lights up living spaces with its intense colours, its decisive chromatic variations, rich in shades.


Venetian terrazzo porcelain tiles


Autore turns the spotlight onto Venetian terrazzo floors, amongst the most original and renowned creations of the history of Italian craftsmanship. It rewrites and retells a tale made of love for material and of skill, with today?s language.

A porcelain stoneware collection that captures the eye, by virtue of its richness of details and facets, and presents itself as candidate for becoming a new contemporary design classic.


The look of one of the most precious types, to dress the home and other architectural spaces with warm and enveloping atmospheres.

Places to enjoy intense and fulfilling moments of everyday life, embraced by a natural and elegant, simple and contemporary design.

Cocoon is the ideal combination to fully express your emotions.


Prima is a reminder of the essentiality of clay, revisited with an appealing contemporary accent. A material conceived to design environments with an instinctive, yet contemporary comfort.

Eight colour reinterpretations of clay, including five basic colours and three trendy accents, make up an eclectic palette of harmonious, warm and soft tones.