Emilia Wine Home Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

There is tradition: in the craft, in the passion. There is tradition in the care for the territory, its fruits and its earth. However, there is also innovation: in transforming every single value of tradition into an element of projection towards the future.


This is what describes the success of Emilia Wine, a cooperative established in 2014 from the union of historic wineries in the Reggio Emilia area - Cantina di Arceto, Cantina di Correggio, Cantina di Prato di Correggio and, shortly afterwards, Casali Viticoltore di Pratissolo di Scandiano - and which today, eight years after its creation, represents the work of over 700 members who cultivate about 4620 acres of vineyards, located between the Po River and the Reggio Emilia Apennines.


A reality that makes its history an avant-garde project, to bring the culture of Emilian wine - and Lambrusco in particular - to the most important international tables, so that the typical bouquets of local vines become the emblem for an evolution of process, ethics and quality.


The collaboration with Caesar found its place in this context, because the ceramic company shares with Emilia Wine not only the geographical location, but also the valorisation of the territory, the human factor and all that know-how with great historicity that still dictates the excellence of Made in Italy all over the world.


Indeed, the Alchemy series in the Trace Mint colour variant and in the 120x120 cm size is among the elements that characterised the architectural style of Emilia Wine Home, the space dedicated to welcoming customers who can thus be accompanied in a tasting experience that becomes more and more a sensorial path.


With Alchemy, Caesar porcelain stoneware restores the industrial and vintage charm of lived-in metal in a solution with a decisive and, at the same time, decorative character. The Trace Mint shade asserts and mixes the colours and effects of the earth in perfect balance: the intense green of meadows and vines is interwoven with the typical tone of oxidised copper, recalling the warmth of the earth and the wine-making process. An extraordinary visual power, for a collection that boasts the added value of experimentation, also recently demonstrated with the new LUX finish: an unusual shiny and reflective version of the metal effect that explores the beauty of matter in a surprising way.


A successful and excellent combination, that between Emilia Wine Home and Caesar, which expressed in the wine cooperative's reception space the most transversal and complete sense of contemporary design. Ceramics increasingly demonstrates its versatile soul that clads with functionality, furnishes with style, and also interprets the emotional feeling of architecture with personality and originality, with Caesar's made-in-Italy attention.

The tiles used in the project

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