Trace Mint: the ceramic slab that boasts... countless attempts at imitation Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

24 January 2020

Trace Mint: ahead of the trends

Caesar’s 2014 objective was a tough one: to convey the industrial fascination and retro charm of weathered metalon ceramic, with a view to unveiling to its professional and private public, an original original material that was well able to take a leading role in a design environment.

This challenge took on the decisive features of the Trace collection: metal inspirations celebrating metropolitan rusticity and combining the technical qualities of porcelain tiles with a decisive decorative character, flaunting a deliberately weathered look.

The collection spread rapidly throughout the five continents, bringing its distinct hues to hotels, restaurants, villas ans swimming pools alike. The Mint colour, in particular, was - and continues to be - extremely popular, inspired by oxidised copper. And the shade has proven to be a forerunner of the trends that continue to characterise the design projects today.

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One colour, infinite possibilities - new sizes and thicknesses for 2020

Since its 2014 début, the range of Trace Mint sizes and finishes has grown, making this characteristic colour a solution that can be applied to all areas of the home.

Today, Trace Mint is available in large slabs of up to 160x320 cm, ideal for tiling walls all the way up to the ceiling and use as a material for the finishing of tables, countertops and other furnishing items.

Copia di DSC 0514 small

A coffee table developed by B&D - Buying Design (Florence) using Trace Mint

Additionally,starting 2020, it can also be used outdoors thanks to the 2 cm thick range, which guarantees excellent technical performance and safety, even in wet areas, like swimming pools and wellness spas.


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These options make a colour that is already, by nature, able to exalt any ambiance, yet more versatile, standing out for its originality. This is emphasised by the decorations available in the 60x60 and 30x30 sizes: the Mint Decò version, in particular, involves doodles and geometric designs and natural weaves that emerge from the green background of Trace Mint, exalting its coppery soul in a fascinating play on reflections and opacities.

It’s a Mint world

In order to fully understand the added value brought by this colour to design projects, it can help to take a look at the many projects now featured around the world, in which it plays a leading role, featured in the dedicated section of the website.

Here, in particular, we can see a fascinating residential complex in Jeddah, where Trace Mint was used to tile the outdoor swimming pools. In contact with the water, the rusted copper effects creates an original high-impact image, integrated with the colours of nature.


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Moving over to Europe, in Dijon, we can instead see how Trace Mint can exalt the industrial chic soul of a typical restaurant. The flooring of Epicerie et Cie, in the very central Place Émile Zola, shows original cutting solutions – made possible by our customisation Misura service – that come together to create a privileged frame for the Mint Deco.

 Trace Dijon 
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