Three porcelain decorative ideas you hadn’t thought about for an elegant design in your house Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

14 February 2022

How can we furnish the house with an elegant and not obvious style? Whether it is for an important event, for the celebration of a family event, to amaze guests, or more simply for a permanent furniture, everyone has their own way of conceiving an elegant home, but there are different strategies to turn the space of everyday living in a small precious jewel.

To design your home taking inspiration from the most beautiful luxury homes, Ceramiche Cesar has the answer: colors, finishes and material effects are the main ingredients for a project of great elegance.

Caesar creates ceramic surfaces aimed at anticipating the trends ofmodern architecture, but also at making home spaces elegant and welcoming. A specific color, an exceptional finish or a texture never seen before: it is often in the details that lies the secret of floors, coverings or furnishing accessories destined to remain, because they are unrepeatable in their refinement.

Here are three design ideas to make your home spaces more elegant.

Play with warm shades on wall layers: when the color palette makes the home spaces stylish.


The living is the heart of the house and it captures the moments of our daily life. You can enrich the interiors with a welcoming, luxurious and refined atmosphere by taking advantage of the warm shades of gold or brown, declined for example in the furnishings. The shades of beige chosen for floors and walls fill the home space with a sparkling and exclusive charm, which can also be useful for outlining specific areas of the environment.

From floors, to columns, to steps, passing through wall covering: the living area takes on a welcoming tone, capable of giving strong importance to the nuances of porcelain stoneware.

This is the case, for example, of the KEY_MOOD collection in the Canvas color, which draws inspiration from a classic Italian stone. Essential and refined as floor laying and for stairs, KEY_MOOD is the ambassador of an intimated, whispered elegance.

When it’s used in the Stripes finish with a textured tactile effect on the covering, for example on the columns, it amplifies its fine preciousness. The Hexagon decoration, chosen tone-on-tone in the Canvas color, will charm you with its refined complexity.

The image is that of an elegant texture that enhances the space of the house while preserving a contemporary style.


01 canvas living 02

Private residence, floors and walls with KEY_MOOD, Canvas color. Decors KEY_MOOD Hexagon Canvas on the wall, Stripes Canvas finish on the columns.

Decorative Elements: how important are they to design an elegant house?


The combinations of color palettes and textures on vertical and horizontal surfaces are not the only strategy for decorating the home with elegance. Another advice from Caesar experts is to combine more generic furnishing accessories, such as chairs, armchairs, tables or decorative elements to make the home spaces refined, without weighing it down.


TheI.MAT collection by Ceramiche Caesar enhances the choice of wood furnishings combined with white, or customizations with bright colors. In this way the concrete effect porcelain stoneware takes on the refined charm of a surface that creates suggestions of great visual impact.

I.MAT is characterized by several different colors and details: cracks and typical excrescences of concrete embellish and invigorate the collection, incredibly elegant with its gold-colored inserts in the Axiom Rule wall decoration.



rule losanga living 5                 

Rivestimento a parete della collezione I.MAT con decori a losanga Axiom Rule.

Private house living. Floors: I.MAT Cube.         

Walls: I.MAT Axiom decor in Rule.


Marble effect ceramic surfaces to furnish home spaces. Elegance guaranteed.

Refined, functional and bright: the charm of marble is a must that never goes out of fashion to furnish an elegant home. Unmistakable for style and refinement, the marble look porcelain stoneware technology radiates light from every corner of the room, in any shade.

If the goal is to intensify the visual impact of the environment, we will choose to combine the installation of large marble look slabs with furnishing elements that enhance its refined nuances and natural light, aesthetics that have always been associated with stylish homes.Anima Futura series by Ceramiche Caesar is the perfect example of this concept, with a color palette that illuminates the great beauty of this noble material. Inspired by the uniqueness of marble, it represents timeless elegance: naturally at ease in contexts that bring us back to the past, it also knows how to amaze you in contemporary settings.

When suggested in the large slabs combining the contrasting shades of Keen Gray and Pink Onyx, Caesar opens the doors to new frontiers of interior design.


Untitled design23

Private home living. Floors: Anima Futura Keen Grey color. Walls: Keen Grey and Pink Onyx colors.