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29 January 2021

All the tips to choose the right coverings… and turn them into a unique design project!


In the world of interior design, the coverings represent an innovative way to communicate and shape ideas and passions, by reinterpreting the trends and styles that designers and architects love the most, supporting them in the creation of avant-garde contexts with a strong aesthetic connotation.




For example, let’s think about huge design projects, where wall coverings convey a very specific message to those who look at them: homes whose warm and opulent interiors are in contrast, but at the same time they complement each other, with the extremely rational and rigorous outer setting, as in the case of Villa Müller, a building located in Prague and designed by Adolf Loos in 1930.


And again, buildings whose walls are covered in greenery, to underline the current return to nature and its essential elements, or environments whose coverings make way to large windows and retractable structures, supporting the metamorphosis of a house in a place conceived as a multifunctional space.



Porcelain stoneware coverings: one choice, a thousand advantages

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Choosing the right coverings can really make a difference and transform a basic environment into a functional space, but above all… as a design magazine cover!



Ceramic now plays a role of fundamental importance in the world of interior design: it has always been considered among the best materials for practicality and innovation, but today ceramic is also chosen for its exclusivity and aesthetic value: in fact it’s possible to customize it and adapt it to the style of each project.


If for floors it’s generally preferred to focus on surfaces with a more neutral and minimal design, in the choice of coverings you can experiment and dare with exclusive and trendy colors, decorations and formats, perfect to recreate the right mood and to immediately feel at home!


Ceramic coverings are the ideal solution for a quick renovation of an old environment or one that no longer reflects our tastes and personality: in most cases a luminous effect or a more welcoming color can affect much more than an expensive restyling of furniture and textiles.


But that's not all: choosing ceramic for your coverings means opting for practical and durable surfaces, resistant to bacteria and humidity, eco-friendly, free of plastic and substances that are harmful to humans and the environment.


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Among the large number of proposals available on the market, how do you orient yourself in the selection of the right covering? Caesar has developed the ideal solution: Misura Deco, the new range of decorated slabs designed for the covering of any space, whether residential or commercial.


But that's not all, in fact Misura Deco offers complete freedom, through a completely customized service, to put any decorative idea on the slabs. This is an aspect of vital importance for the design world, a winning key for destinations such as contract projects, hotel chains or retail. Customization can take place with decorative ideas that affect the entire surface of the slabs, or that cover it partially. This technique offers the possibility of applying graphic motifs that enrich the aesthetics of any product in Caesar's 120x278 slab range; this can also include logos, icons or writings, to create a completely customized and original product.


The large decorative slabs can be integrated with the rest of the Project Evolution range, where you can find wood, stone, marble, concrete and metal effect slabs in 3 large sizes - 30x240, 120x278 and 160x320 cm - perfect for covering large wall spaces with excellent quality, giving the rooms exclusivity and prestige.

Perfect for both large and small environments, the Caesar decorative slabs allow you to recreate fluid, refined and pleasing spaces, avoiding unaesthetic joints and visual interruptions, while offering excellent technical solutions: ease of installation, maximum customization and design freedom, for a result that meets the client's expectations.


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With Misura Deco, any decorative idea can become a suggestive covering. You just need to provide with a graphic file in .psd format with a size of 120x278 cm and a resolution of 360 dpi and choose the starting product from the slabs in the range.

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