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15 February 2024

Well-being merges with functionality of space

In the current scenario, planners and interior designers have access to innovative materials to conceive suitable solutions for walls and floors of indoor and outdoor wellness areas, such as swimming pools, showers, spas, hot tubs and saunas. In these contexts, subject to the presence of water and humidity, porcelain stoneware proves to be a very advantageous solution. 

Thanks to its extraordinary technical qualities, this material guarantees maximum hygiene, mould-proofness, resistance to bacteria and daily cleaning detergents, loads and temperature fluctuations. Compared to wall tiles, the floor surfaces designed by Caesar for outdoor living have a higher coefficient of friction (slip index of R11 C). 

On the other hand, from a design point of view, the wide range of surface effects and finishes reproduced by stoneware opens up new compositional scenarios and satisfies any aesthetic requirement. 

Let's discover together some of the most sought-after looks among the community of architects and interior designers. 

Caesar Across Wellness 21

1. Naturalness of stone 

Stone-effect porcelain stoneware is one of the most iconic natural inspirations motifs in contemporary architecture, offering a wide range of choices and possibilities to brighten up wellness premises with an elegant touch reminiscent of nature. 

The tiles are inspired by the shades and textures of natural stone, such as marble, quartzite, slate and travertine though with the practical and maintenance advantages of modern ceramics. 

From warm, earthy tones to colder, more refined tones, stone-effect porcelain stoneware produces cosy or sophisticated atmospheres, suitable both as floor and wall tiles or decorative elements. 

The difference of stone-effect floor surfaces also makes it possible to play with contrasting colours and surface finishes and textural combinations, alternating, for example, stone cladding with wood or concrete, effectively combining modern, traditional, ethnic and shabby chic styles.

2. Harmony of wood

Wood is the ideal material for the realisation of wellness-related projects. The harmony and elegance of the colours of nature that characterise this furnishing solution are able to recall pleasant sensations of warmth, comfort and cosiness, from the Slavonia oak wood effect porcelain stoneware, to the hand-crafted wood, to the natural and elegant wood effect from the look of one of the finest woods. 

And if well-being passes through all five senses, touch appeal is no less important. Wood-effect tiles are a striking choice for wellness premises, as they combine the natural look of wood with surface finishes that capture tactile emotions. 

These finishes are made to reproduce every single feature and natural detail of the wood (knots and veins). An all-encompassing aesthetic experience that makes wood-effect tiles ideal for areas dedicated to well-being and relaxation.

3. Concrete essentiality

The choice of a certain material in wellness areas can determine the relationship established with the surrounding space. For lovers of the minimalist and contemporary style, concrete effect porcelain stoneware tiles represent the ideal aesthetic solution devoted to essentiality. This material offers a typical industrial setting, which goes perfectly with the typical neutral tones of concrete ranging from pure white to beige or dove grey, perfectly fit for more vivid palettes such as brown, blue, orange, gold and green.  

The urban texture of concrete gives spaces a feeling of solidity and authenticity, creating a neutral base on which to build the desired atmosphere for relaxation and wellness spaces. The versatility of concrete-effect tiles allows them to be combined with different furnishing elements and design accessories, thus creating a consistent and inviting composition. 

This type of wall tiling not only adds a touch of modernity to wellness spaces, but also enhances their cosy and relaxing appearance, for a complete wellness experience.


4. The eternal luxury of marble

Since ancient times, marble has always been synonymous with elegance. The timeless beauty of this material allows designers to focus on an exclusive and refined idea of relaxation, characterised by the essentiality of shapes, striking colour transitions, sharp or barely noticeable veining, a strong, clean aesthetic and always harmonious light. 

Marble-effect collections reach their maximum shine in the polished finish, with sophisticated details that create an atmosphere of refined luxury within the wellness setting. 

Marble-effect tiles offer an enchanting visual experience to customise wellness spaces according to the desired style, creating a synergy between luxury and harmony, elevating the experience of the user.

5. Contemporary metal look

Contemporary soul, characterised by sudden nuances, colour variations and oxidations typical of metals such as iron, bronze and copper. Metal is very much a material with its own charm. Choosing metal-effect porcelain stoneware for floor and wall coverings in the wellness area certainly represents a stylish solution, capable of combining the experimentation and transformations planned by high-level design with the rigour of this material. 

Caesar Alchemy scatto MINT SITO2

Summing up

There are many solutions and textural inspirations for designing the wellness area and the advantages of using porcelain stoneware. 


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