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18 October 2023

In the design of urban spaces, the exterior cladding of buildings plays a major role, contributing decisively to the aesthetic qualification of the urban landscape. Porcelain stoneware façades are fully customisable. In this article you will find out which effects are trendy and which are the most desired.  

Porcelain stoneware: a wide variety of effects and finishes

Choosing which effect is the best for the cladding of a building is therefore quite important. As we saw in the previous article, cladding the façade of a building with porcelain stoneware offers designers and architects unquestionable advantages not only in technical terms (energy saving, sound insulation and protection of the wall structure), but also in aesthetic terms. The wide variety of finishes, effects and sizes available allows you to add style and personality to your entire project with total freedom and creativity. 

Let's see together which are the best effects on the market for your building.

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Originality, personality and innovative design of porcelain stoneware façades: the effects

Today, thanks to technological innovation in ceramic production processes, you can reproduce materials inspired by nature such as stone, with great realism. The stone effect is the ideal inspiration for those in search of a timeless style, yet rich in details, capable of livening the exterior cladding of the building. 

The Slab2 collection is inspired by the materiality of slate, which is a material for transversal designs, transcending fashions and generations. The lighter colours in the range are particularly suitable for outdoor applications, especially in residential or public settings: Ice, tending to ice, neutral and formal, is available in the large sizes 60x120 cm and 120x278 cm - ideal for outdoor walls. Then there is Khaki, a natural, warm shade inspired by sandy earth tones, the more intense, dusty grey of Ash, and the bright grey with cold undertones of Cloud.

We do not only have natural material suggestions among the most popular solutions used by architects and designers, but also façade claddings with a strong industrial background, such as the concrete effect. A contemporary material with clean lines and characterised by neutral colours, which give the building an essential style, yet still full of charm. 

The PRIMA collection by Caesar is a reminder of the essentiality of clay, revisited with an appealing contemporary accent. The four shades in the range that are most delicate and close to the concrete look are Concrete, which, as the name itself explains, is a medium grey inspired by the typical colours of concrete; Clay, which tends to the warm tones of clay, the ceramic raw material par excellence; Ecru, elegant and modern, with a hint of beige; and Chalk, a white with soft, bright nuances, ideal for conveying a sense of soft lightness to architectural spaces.

Minimalist and textural, the concrete-effect porcelain stoneware external cladding allow great freedom of expression: for example, the large 120x278 cm and 60x120 cm tiles can be applied to create extra large geometric patterns on façades, perhaps in combination with large glass windows that embellish the aesthetics.

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As we saw in this article, choosing porcelain stoneware for the external cladding of a building has many design and aesthetic advantages.  Ceramiche Caesar offers a full range of tiles that are purpose-designed in terms of sizes and surface properties.

If you are designing a building and are looking for the right material, download the CaesarTech Cover catalogue to find out more!

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From our Collection


Prima is a reminder of the essentiality of clay, revisited with an appealing contemporary accent. A material conceived to design environments with an instinctive, yet contemporary comfort.

Eight colour reinterpretations of clay, including five basic colours and three trendy accents, make up an eclectic palette of harmonious, warm and soft tones.


A protagonist in over 2000 years of art and architectural history, travertine is a universal icon with a unique and unmistakable personality. In the third millennium, the appeal of travertine continues unaffectedly to captivate designers all over the world.

Iconica reinvents the appeal of travertine in a complete surface system, multiplying aesthetic and design perspectives. A versatile and cosmopolitan design tool originates from a balanced graphic and colour reinterpretation, combining the timeless aesthetics with the exceptional performance and functionality of porcelain stoneware.


Slab2 imprints the very essence of slate on the ceramic surface, so alive and dynamic that it evolves continuously without ever losing its expressive identity. A transversal subject of design and imagination, capable of being modernised in any environment, going beyond the fashions of the time and the boundaries of genre and style.

The authenticity of the inspirational stone is declined in a versatile and chameleon-like collection, free to be interpreted in combination with heterogeneous colours and materials to give life to multiform projects and stylistic atmospheres.