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13 July 2023

The new approach to modern living plays on the interchangeability of indoor and outdoor spaces, where conventional dividing barriers are torn down to give life to a seamless continuum between inside and outside. 

Nowadays, in this age of fluidity of time and space, architecture is also adapting: therefore, indoor and outdoor become a single concept, a fusion of environments.  The idea of a boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces no longer exists, and this also has a great impact on the materials used when designing these areas.

Which products can be used to create a continuum within these indoor/outdoor spaces, above all when you are looking for a green design? Let's find out together!

 CAESAR Scorcio outdoor Burnt SITO4

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In & Out: when the limit is determined by comfort

A growing focus on wellbeing has led to an increasing demand for comfort in our living spaces, be these indoors or out. The choice of surfacing materials plays a significant role here because of the effect they have on the wellbeing and health of users of these spaces, taking into account various factors such as:

  • air quality:  the materials must not emit harmful substances;
  • sound comfort:  the materials must dampen sounds;
  • visual quality: the surfacing materials used are vital for visual comfort and key to the overall aesthetics of a design.

So you are probably wondering what material could combine all these qualities? Comfort, looks, and green design? Well, the answer is porcelain stoneware!

Porcelain stoneware for indoors and out - the natural choice!

Among the various materials used to create indoor and outdoor spaces in a home environment, porcelain stoneware offers undeniably the best combination of looks and sustainability

Applicable to various uses such as floors, walls, furniture, and kitchen or bathroom tops, today's ceramics are the result of a low environmental impact production cycle which, over the years, has experienced a series of initiatives and actions to increase energy saving and enhance environmental impact. 

People choose porcelain stoneware for indoors and outdoors because it is a green choice that also offers exceptional technical performance, as well as durability over time.

CAESAR lancio Prima Concrete 80x80 Ecru 60x60 Avio 120x120 ESTERNO SITO13

Porcelain stoneware for indoors: because it is the right choice

When planning the interior of a home, people are drawn towards materials with a strong visual impact but they also want to be confident that the products will last.

Whether you choose it for walls, floors, or for furniture, porcelain stoneware is unique when it comes to performance. 

Porcelain stoneware countertops and flooring, then - which have always been potentially the parts most exposed to wear within homes - can now be kept perfectly clean and hygienic using simply neutral detergents and can withstand contact with even the harshest of substances. 

Porcelain stoneware also has high thermal resistance, which makes it ideal in areas featuring underfloor heating. 

Due to their formulation, ceramic materials are nontoxic, which is why they are chosen for kitchen and bathroom countertops, as well as for table tops and any surfaces on which things will be placed.

At the same time, the aesthetics of porcelain stoneware surfacing are guaranteed by its high resistance to footfall, stains, and sunlight, which ensure ceramic tiles maintain their original stunning appearance for years. As a result, the initial investment in a quality product is maximised.

Porcelain stoneware for outdoors: safety and aesthetic continuity 

In paving for spaces such as gardens, terraces, and swimming pools, porcelain stoneware is the indisputable choice. 

It is thick enough (20 mm is the most common version) and suitable for any kind of external use, and - unlike other materials such as wood - it does not absorb any liquids. That means it does not stain, does not crack, and needs no special maintenance (so has lower costs, obviously). Porcelain stoneware offers very high resistance to loads and footfall and guarantees a non-slip surface. 

The colour palette that porcelain stoneware offers, to produce sophisticated contemporary designs, means users can carry the interior over into the exterior, creating aesthetic continuity between the living area and the space outside their home.

joy bliss in out 8

Want some ideas on how to create this aesthetic continuity between indoors and outdoors?

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Nature, inside and out

The beauty of the finest alpine quartzites is given a new lease on life in a stoneware interpretation with a contemporary twist: Quartz Essence uncovers the myriad facets of uncontaminated natural stone.

Vein patterns, chromatic variability, games of matte and reflective effects, articulated surfaces which refer to the natural splitting of stone: Quartz Essence is astounding to look at and satisfying to touch.
Four finishes make it possible to find the best product for each intended setting, every time.
An innovative range of backgrounds provides the project with countless solutions, from the simplest installations to the characteristic multi-size layouts.




AExtra Modular   


The chromatic variability accentuated by Quartz Essence makes multiple size installations extremely appealing: the rich offering of sizes - on both the 20 mm and the 9 mm thickness - allows the designer to choose from endless possibilities.

On the Aextra20 range, Caesar offers four multiple size modules, exploiting the dimensions in the range and introducing two cutting sizes -30x60 and 30x30 - dedicated to this particular usage.


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The look of one of the most precious types, to dress the home and other architectural spaces with warm and enveloping atmospheres.

Places to enjoy intense and fulfilling moments of everyday life, embraced by a natural and elegant, simple and contemporary design.

Cocoon is the ideal combination to fully express your emotions.


Prima is a reminder of the essentiality of clay, revisited with an appealing contemporary accent. A material conceived to design environments with an instinctive, yet contemporary comfort.

Eight colour reinterpretations of clay, including five basic colours and three trendy accents, make up an eclectic palette of harmonious, warm and soft tones.