OLOS - Porcelain surfaces for Design and Furniture Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

27 September 2019

The Greek word Olos, meaning “all”, conveys a sense of totality, where the overall value of something is more than the sum of its parts. Devised and developed as an all-round project, Caesar’s Olos brand aims to promote the use of ceramic slabs within the diverse world of interior design.


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First-rate technical characteristics, stunning aesthetics and a comprehensive range mean that Caesar materials provide the ideal solution for furnishings in various different residential and commercial project settings.

Positioning itself as a partner for the furniture industry, craftspeople, interior stylists and contractors, the Olos range of stoneware slabs is targeted specifically at industry professionals and can be used to create furniture elements such as worktops, bathroom and kitchen furniture, furnishings and bespoke sets.

Regardless of its field of application, Olos guarantees the high performance levels of Caesar porcelain stoneware, which is known for its resistance, durability, ease of cleanliness and hygiene, environmental sustainability and its stunning aesthetic effect.


Possible uses of slabs supplied by Ceramiche Caesar.

Bathrooms (sinks, shower trays, bathroom furniture, shelves, bathtubs).
Kitchens (worktops, sinks, tables, shelves)
Tables (tops for tables and side tables, both indoors and outdoors, benches, shelves, partition walls).
Contract and Custom Projects (bespoke furniture for hotels and stores).

The design, production and installation of worktops, furnishings and bespoke solutions is overseen by our creative, technically accomplished partner companies, to which Caesar supplies slabs.

From our Collection



6 colors enliven the flavor of stone with an everlasting charm. 6 sizes offer great versatility. 3 finishes give you the possibility to work in the most diverse environments. The Anima Ever range expands the potential of marble-effect porcelain stoneware and steps beyond the conventional use of floor and wall coverings towards the development of innovative furnishing elements


Design shaped by imagination

Join is a collection of surfaces that combines the creativity of imagination with the concreteness of matter.

The collection moves from the soft and contemporary minimalism of cement-resin and expands it through a new chromatic palette rich in colors and vibrant with emotions.

 A colour range stretching to infinity

20 Colours
Chimney, Plume, Levity, Platinum, Glare, Moon, Candle, Ivory, Ginger, Wing,
Manor, Mocha, Verve, Fern, Spice, Peach, Lilac, Ink, Sky, Mango

Join features an array of 12 neutral shades ranging from warm to cool greys, together with 8 accent colours that enhance the collection, giving it an extraordinary contemporary, stylish appeal and versatility.