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27 October 2023

Today, ventilated façades are one of the most efficient and most widely used solutions for designers and architects to innovate building cladding. This is an innovative choice that looks to the future, perfectly aligned with the demands of energy efficiency. 

In this article you will discover our best Cover Caesar Tech Division System ventilated façade solutions.

The advantages of ventilated façades

The ventilated façade consists of a supporting sub-structure that is anchored to the wall and a porcelain stoneware slab supported with exposed or concealed types of fixing. It is a perfect solution for enhancing aesthetics and more. In fact, cladding a building with a ventilated façade means considerably improving its performance in terms of thermal and sound insulation. This ensures clear energy savings and high air circulation between the existing wall and the stoneware façade, preventing the formation of condensation and mould and protecting buildings from the weather agents.

Its use involves dry installation and quick assembly of the various components, with the possibility of dismantling each individual element of the cladding.

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Cover CaesarTech Division System: the different solutions of ventilated façades

Thanks to Cover CaesarTech Division System ceramic surfaces can be used by designers and building companies to create ventilated façade systems in buildings and other architectonic structures while ensuring high level technical performance. The CaesarTech division offers different solutions and installation methods. Let's find out together!

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Concealed ventilated façades

Among the solutions are concealed ventilated façades, characterised by an anchoring system not visible from the outside and therefore able to maximise the value of the slabs, which can also be made with the 20 mm thick materials of the Æxtra20 line.

Ventilated façades with photovoltaic elements

An important innovation in the field of green building and overall building sustainability lies in a new solution offered by Ceramiche Caesar, which is one of the first on the market to offer a ventilated façade with photovoltaic elements. An innovative installation system that combines the advantages of ventilated walls with those of energy production through the use of photovoltaic panels.

This type of ventilated façade is extremely time- and workmanship-efficient to install, as the photovoltaic modules (available in 60x60, 30x120 and 60x120 cm sizes) can be attached to the wall like tiles.

The designer has ample freedom in the realisation of the installation patterns with alternating tile/photovoltaic module and the visual impact is reduced to a minimum with the right choice of colour of porcelain stoneware tiles and combination of sizes. The possibility of installing photovoltaic modules not only on the roof but also on the façade is a significant advantage in terms of environmental sustainability, both for new constructions and building redevelopment.

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Project Evolution concealed ventilated façade

The Project Evolution concealed ventilated façade is a further innovation that achieves ventilated façades in the maxi size 120x278 cm

The size of the slabs minimises joints and gives the exterior cladding a high level of aesthetics, thanks to a special concealed hook system that further enhances the visual continuity of the material covering the façade.

Thanks to this unique possibility of using large size slabs, both in new constructions and for building redevelopment, installation time on site is reduced and Caesar guarantees the quality of the material, following a traceability system for each individual panel by means of a unique identifier. 

Ventilated façades with exposed hook

Finally, there are ventilated façades with exposed hook. In the latter case, the slab anchoring system is visible, allowing for extremely low costs while maintaining the advantages of Caesar materials.

In addition, the support hooks can be painted in the same colour as the slabs, allowing for a perfect and homogeneous appearance.


The CaesarTech division provides various solutions and ensures expert and timely advice for every need. 

Contact us: a Caesar representative will be at your disposal for the realisation of the ventilated façade in your project.

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