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02 August 2023

With the right design an outdoor space adds value to the entire house, but the design has to focus on the details too, taking into account not only the green areas but the paved areas too, to  really make the most of the available space.

In this article,  we will be looking at why the 80x80 Caesar Aextra20 outdoor slabs are the ideal solution, combining design freedom, multiple looks, easy laying,  and advanced technical performance.  For an exterior that hits the perfect style note. 

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Spaces that are open to design: 80x80 Aextra20 

The 80x80 Aextra20 extra-thick porcelain stoneware line by Ceramiche Caesar is designed to open up new opportunities in outdoor design

Whether it's gardens, swimming pools, backyards in terraced houses,  or penthouse terraces, there is no limit to your designs, thanks to a collection with form and substance to convey all kinds of moods. A collection that allows users to create solutions that bring out all the beauty of  outdoor living, in their own personal style

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The advantages of 80x80 Aextra20: a wide range of looks and effects

Stone, concrete, metal -  three effects that are faithful to their inspiration, available in the 80x80 cm sizes with a grip finish and a broad colour palette. A highly eclectic and practical line of ceramics. Let's start with the Slab2 stone-effect series in the Ash, Khaki, and Iron options, which is an ever-popular choice for outdoor designs, and then look at the Prima concrete-effect series (in the Concrete and Ecru options). And then, Alchemy, the metal look that brightens up outdoor areas with its stunning shades.

From an aesthetics perspective, 80x80 Aextra20 is also ideal to ensure continuity in and outdoors as it can also be paired with the 9 mm thick materials, in addition to the 20 mm thick versions, to bring the style adopted inside a home outdoors.

Because of their size, the 80x80 slabs emphasise the beauty of the ceramic and are easy to install.

The advantages of 80x80 Aextra20: ease of installation

Offering maximum performance with minimal installation work, Aextra20 stoneware slabs can be dry-laid quickly and easily on top of grass, ornamental gravel, or sand. 

When laying on top of grass, place the slabs side by side, mark out the outlines, and then dig a hole of about 3 cm deep. Whether you are laying on grass or gravel, it is always advisable to include a layer of crushed stone for water drainage.

Bonded and raised laying are also equally simple options. The first offers greater load resistance and is suitable for paving in gardens including a driveway, while raised installation is particularly suitable where flatness is an issue. 

These plus points are the result of continuous research by the team of experts at  the CaesarTech division,  who work to offer the best technical and aesthetic solutions for floors and walls with porcelain stoneware tiles and trims  and advice on how to use  the material in alternative ways.

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Technical performance of Caesar porcelain stoneware for outdoors

Thanks to the technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware (which make it hard-wearing and safe), the Aextra20 series is particularly suited to application outdoors in both the 80x80 version and the other sizes in the range. 

The 'singular' monolayer nature of these slabs means they are  extremely strong and devoid of fissures and so can withstand high levels of stress and footfall. 

Caesar Aextra20 porcelain stoneware is fireproof, frostproof, and unaffected by weather conditions such as humidity and saltiness, making them also resistant to mould, mildew, and moss. A hygienic material, then, and also easy to clean with household cleaners. 

The non-slip surface finish for outdoor use makes porcelain stoneware tiles particularly safe for anyone walking on them, especially in uncovered areas and around swimming pools.

Unchangeability over time is another feature of the Caesar Aextra20 porcelain stoneware, whose abrasion and wear resistance is so high that the material will always look newly laid!


So what is the takeaway?  The advantages offered by Caesar Aextra20 outdoor lines are various: its eye-catching design, the variety of looks and effects, the ease of installation, and the incredible technical performance of porcelain stoneware. With all this to help you, your exterior design idea will be easier than ever to bring to life. 

If you are looking for the right material for your outdoor space, get in touch! One of the Caesar team will be happy to help.

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