Caesar Design Film Award Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

Caesar Design Film Award

Cinema,  Design,  Caesar:  three  identities  in  synergy  for  a project which makes a strong statement about communications and design.

Ceramiche Caesar is participating in the organisation of the fifth edition of Ennesimo Film Festival promoting the creation of a new official competition for shorts about design and architecture: the Caesar Design Film Award.


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The winning movie

La ciudad de la pericia / City of the cunning (Messico, 15 min)

Driven by the new pandemic context, cycling has become increasingly popular in Mexico City as a response to serious problems of mobility, overcrowding and pollution. However, the lack of protection for cyclists, of proper infrastructure and the absence of a road culture have actually increased the number of accidents and deaths.


Yesenia Novoa Rodríguez

Graduated in Design and Visual Communication at UNAM. In 2016 she directed Pomuch. Storie peninsulari I. She is now attending a Master’s course in Social Sciences and Humanities in Mexico City and collaborates on documentaries and on social research projects.



Winner CDFA 2022

The Finalists

Caesar Design Film Award is at the final selection! We are proud to introduce the 6 short movies that will challenge for the award:

- Capitol Caste (Germany), by Benedikt Hartl

- Helmut Jahn: In a Flash (USA), by Nathan Eddy

- In Awe of Space (China), by Jia Li

- La ciudad de la pericia (Mexico), by Yesenia Novoa Rodrìguez

- Su vertical nos retiene (Chile), by Diego Breit

- The design between (Switzerland, Germany), by Daniel Schwartz.

Discover here the topics of the short movies:


The Jury

CDFA is on the road! We are proud to present the Jury members of Caesar Design Film Award 2022!
The Jurors will meet to agree upon the winning short film, which will be announced in the awarding ceremony of May 5. Stay tuned!


Discover the Jury

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Wannabe Designers - Special Mention

In addition to the official winner of the Caesar Design Film Award, the shorts will also compete for the Wannabe Designers Special Mention which will be awarded by a jury made up of university students from the Faculties and Schools of Architecture, Design, Graphics and Art.


The theme of the 2022 edition is Design for Future: Design is a perfect tool for innovation. It helps to improve society, cities, living, working and leisure spaces. It is a footprint, a tool, an act that guides design in the present and life in the future. Through sustainable innovation, on a human scale and able to adapt to new contexts in order to propose bold solutions.

Design is used as a tool to identify the innovation of living, in a project on a human scale, sustainable, capable of improving the present and adapting to the variables of future contexts.

The aim of the award is to create a bridge between the world of design and that of cinematographic art which today represents not only a form of entertainment and storytelling, but also a reality capable of involving and educating all those who are interested in the world of design in its various expressive forms.


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With this initiative, Ceramiche Caesar reaffirms its affinity for the worlds of architecture and design and its commitment to innovation, expressed in its unceasing research into ceramic solutions as well as in the use of cutting edge communications.


Cinema is here a valuable tool for expressing  Caesar's  values  in  an  original  way,  including  its  Made  in  Italy  branding,  and its  social and environmental ethics, which can be summed up as a green oriented approach which respects both  man  and  the  ecosystem:  aspects  which  are  nourished  by  both  the  company's Emilian  rootsand its global reach.