The Join collection is the linking theme at the events for Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 Caesar Ceramics, The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

11 June 2024

From the Apeiron artwork to the Yodomo workshop by way of the Deezen talk: everything is Real Imagination.

Spaces for Wellbeing: establishing a continual dialogue between materials and colours, for design of ever-greater sustainability in harmony with human needs. Very well-attended creative workshops, a striking artwork that highlights Join’s combinations to give form to infinity and an introduction to the world of yoga and the best colours to support the practice of this ancient discipline. All this and much more in Ceramiche Caesar’s very active involvement in Clerkenwell Design Week 2024.

From the search for wellbeing, which also involves the creation of harmonious spaces, to a focus on the power of Join’s colours, a number of cultural projects all underlined the claim chosen to communicate the spirit of this collection: Real Imagination. One collection, with its colour assortment, as the linking theme of all the events. The aim? To promote more and more sustainable design.


Apeiron, the bottomless well generated by Join

The events highlighted Join’s kaleidoscope of colours, a geometrical and chromatic formula that stimulates the brain. This concept was further expanded through the creation of Apeiron, a genuine artwork dedicated to Join in the form of a hand-spun kinetic sculpture that functions like a kaleidoscope, reflecting sections of a mosaic disc made from the collection’s colours. The result is a bottomless well, its seemingly infinite depth generated by the power of Join’s combinations.


A workshop centred on balance

A focus on our fast-changing world and the way lifestyles evolve across the generations. One of the Week’s most exciting events was the workshop organised in partnership with Yodomo, which provided participants with insight into the factors which underlie colour choices and the psychology concealed behind these preferences. A kaleidoscope, a well that evokes infinity, the psychology of colours: all derived from Join, Real Imagination. In the colour workshop, participants used fabrics and varying hues to create their own individual cushion, expressing their personal colour choices.

The highlight of the day was the yoga lesson, to which Ceramiche Caesar gave great importance as a unique means of reinforcing the nexus between wellbeing, lifestyle and design.

All these activities strongly underlined the harmony of the Join collection, with yoga revealed as a unique tool for conveying these values.


The Talk with the Deezen editorial team

Discussions and debates that involved a very large number of professionals, designers and architects. One of the keynote events was the talk organised and moderated in partnership with a magazine that has become a real institution for the design world: Deezen. The discussion, moderated by Cajsa Carlson, was structured around the concept of the sustainable, relaxing interior and involved leading interior designers working in this area: Oskar Kohnen, Tola Ojuolape and London-based duo Daytrip Studio.


A kaleidoscope of colours in hypnotic combinations, the world of art and spirituality, the colours of Join: with these events, Ceramiche Caesar underlined its commitment to creating interiors that truly harmonise with people, capable of raising design and architecture to means of helping us to feel at peace with our surroundings.

From our Collection


Design shaped by imagination

Join is a collection of surfaces that combines the creativity of imagination with the concreteness of matter.

The collection moves from the soft and contemporary minimalism of cement-resin and expands it through a new chromatic palette rich in colors and vibrant with emotions.

 A colour range stretching to infinity

20 Colours
Chimney, Plume, Levity, Platinum, Glare, Moon, Candle, Ivory, Ginger, Wing,
Manor, Mocha, Verve, Fern, Spice, Peach, Lilac, Ink, Sky, Mango

Join features an array of 12 neutral shades ranging from warm to cool greys, together with 8 accent colours that enhance the collection, giving it an extraordinary contemporary, stylish appeal and versatility.

Caesar Urban Lab - London

Located on Great Sutton Street in the heart of the Clerkenwell district, a real hub for architectural study and a centre for global creative research, the Caesar Urban Lab positions itself as a point of reference for designers and material selection experts who are interested in developing the potential of porcelain tile in their projects.

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