Caesar Milano Urban Lab Ceramiche Caesar, С 1988 г. имя компании Caesar является синонимом качественного итальянского керамогранита, совмещающего в себе техно;логичность, функциональность, превосходные эксплуатационные и эстетические качества.

Ceramiche Caesar confirms its commitment to the world of design and architecture with the inauguration of the Caesar Milano Urban Lab - a point of reference for the renowned Italian ceramic company in the city of Milan - on 7 October 2020.

At 14 Via Molino delle Armi, just 15 minutes from Piazza del Duomo and near the new M4 underground line, Caesar have its space inside Mo.1950. Mo.1950 is a multifunctional structure conceived on the basis of Corrado Molteni's entrepreneurial vision and designed by Matteo Lualdi, in which materials and products chosen to create the most complex interior design projects achieve their full expression.

Caesar acts as spokesman for innovation in the world of "Made in Italy" porcelain tiles, offering a new and modern vision of the use of ceramics as interior design, in a large, bright setting where other Italian brands of excellence from a range of sectors, including Quadro e Rexa Design, will also be present.


The entire Caesar range of products, featuring all the colours, finishes, decorative elements and special pieces, is on show at the Caesar Milano Urban Lab space, where visitors can also receive professional advice on their technical and performance characteristics.


Milano Urban Lab will be open to everyone, offering ideas and stimuli from the extraordinarily active Milanese design and architectural design community.


The Milan space is Caesar's third Urban Lab and marks an important stage in a journey which witnessed the launch of showrooms in London in 2015 and Paris in 2016, in a sort of circuit of excellence aimed at building places of comparison in cities of international reference for design and creativity, to meet the needs of design and architecture professionals on a daily basis.


Places for sharing projects and ideas, meeting and exchanging cultures and sensitivities, designed to represent a movement towards the continuous updating of the range of products and services that Caesar offers a rapidly changing market.

Milano Urban Lab

Via Molino delle Armi, 14,
20123, Milano

+39 02 97107119 / +39 02 97107120

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