Personalised projects from the CaesarTech division Caesar Ceramics USA, Tiles, slabs and technical solutions

With Misura, the CaesarTech division fully carries out its service and support function, responding to a growing need for personalised technical and aesthetic solutions,like a sort of “ceramics tailor”.

Able to count on a rich catalogue of special pieces, and strengthened by its long-term experience in the design consultancy field, Misura offers designers and customers proposals that include installation diagrams, colour combinations and custom solutions. Depending on specific needs, proposals might be presented in the form of a 2D visual, render or detailed design.

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Misura: personalised and “tailored” solutions

With design, the contemporary challenge is increasingly about attention to detail. There is therefore an increasing need to offer personalised elements for flooring and cladding, to complete and characterise every single project.

For this reason, to complete the range of standard sized tiles, CaesarTech designs and creates personalised logos, decorative elements and graphic motifs on request by the customer. These services are fruit of the experience gained in using different processing techniques, from cutting to water jets and even mosaic, a historic product in the Caesar range.

2D / 3D visuals

Certain projects can benefit from a 2D or 3D visual service. In this way, it is possible to propose colour combinations and installation diagrams and facilitate understanding of the technical solutions and use of special pieces.

3D Rendering service

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