CaesarTech: support and technical solutions in porcelain tile for architectural projects Caesar Ceramics USA, Tiles, slabs and technical solutions

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CaesarTech: support and technical solutions in porcelain tile for architectural projects

CaesarTech is the Ceramiche Caesar division at the service of designers and firms, helping them to select the best technical and aesthetic solutions for flooring and cladding with porcelain tiles, special pieces and accessories for an alternative use of the material.

Thanks to the wide range of innovative solutions and the firm’s lengthy experience in the specialised production of porcelain tile, Caesar can offer every client technical support for the implementation of cutting-edge projects and a personalised consultancy service. As a partner, Caesar will help give value to the construction of contemporary spaces that are in line with the best design trends and are perfectly functional.

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Personalised projects from the CaesarTech division

The CaesarTech division offers professionals a design support and consultancy service with custom solutions and installation advice.

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Aquae: wall tiles and special pieces for pools and wellness spaces

With Aquae, Caesar offers special pieces and cladding solutions for pools, for an organic and coordinated look in spaces dedicated to wellness.

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Aexacta: temporary flooring forms

Aexacta is a porcelain tile system for the creation of temporary flooring with no need for glue or sealant, or any complex or costly restructuring work.

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Cover: porcelain tile for external and ventilated façades

The Cover Wall System offers designers and firms the best solutions for porcelain tile façade cladding and ventilated façades.

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AEleva: floating floors for offices with a technical space

The AEleva floating porcelain tile floors allow for the creation of an inspection well beneath the actual floor surface for the housing of wires and pipes.

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Safety: tactile floors for the visually impaired

The Caesar tactile floors are based on a system comprising raised surfaces that are easily identified by the visually impaired.

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Misura: personalised solutions

There is an increasing need to offer personalised flooring and cladding elements, to complete and characterise each individual project. For this reason, and to complement the range of standard sized tiles, CaesarTech suggests and creates personalised logos, decorative elements and graphic motifs on request by the customer.

Aquæ: pools and wellness

Porcelain tile can be used to floor and clad all pool, spa, wellness area and bathroom surfaces, for extraordinary visual continuity. With Aquæ Wellness Project, Caesar offers the possibility to design an organic and coordinated project, bringing harmony and naturalness to spaces dedicated to wellness.

Aexacta: temporary flooring

Aexacta is a self-laying flooring system, installed without glue or sealant, thus cutting laying time and costs. Suitable for provisional spaces and those where a pre-existing floor needs to be preserved, Aexacta is a solution that can renew the appearance of a flooring, without the need for any complex or costly restructuring work.

AEleva: raised flooring and indoor flooring with a technical space

In offices, central offices, banks and data centres, technological equipment and systems are continually improved and updated, from electrical or phone networks to heating and air-conditioning systems. The floating floors allow for raised surfaces that are easy to inspect, for the ongoing maintenance of systems.
This is also a useful solution for outdoor use, where there is a need to house irrigation tubes or electrical wires.

Cover: external façades

The ideal solution for external façades. The Cover Wall System project is aimed at designers and firms, offering them the best façade claddingsolutions, all of which offer significant composition freedom and a high technical and aesthetic level thanks to the properties of made in Italy Caesar porcelain tile.

Safety: a tactile floor guide for the visually impaired

Architectonic barriers limit the use of spaces by the visually impaired, but today it is mandatory to provide full access to public areas such as pavements, squares, stations and shopping centres. Safety is the Caesar solution for the creation of tactile paths that indicate the path to follow so that the visually impaired can walk safely in public places.

Industry: industrial surfaces and tiles for special purposes

The Caesar Linea Industria range is born out of the desire to offer the designer a range of solutions, all technically exceptional, that are designed to satisfy specific design needs, across multiple fields of use.

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