100% made in italy by caesar

Caesar porcelain stoneware


Since 1988 we at Ceramiche Caesar have produced 100% Made in Italy top quality porcelain stoneware

Our products are produced in Italy using safe raw materials, manufactured by highly qualified personnel operating in an ethically-sustainable workplace and with eco-compatible avant-garde technology.

Marking our products with the Made in Italy label is, to us, of primary importance, a concept that supersedes mere geographical indication to include key values such as passion, attention to detail, quality and respect. The consolidation of our sense of social responsibility and the expression of human, ethical and aesthetic principles.

This exclusively Italian “Culture of the material”, that has always set us apart from our competitors, saw us immediately embrace and adhere to the “Ethical Code” promoted by Confindustria Ceramica and we are committed to clearly indicating the origin of our porcelain stoneware ceramics, thus guaranteeing the maximum respect and transparency towards customers and final users.

The Ceramics of Italy mark promoted by Confindustria Ceramica, the association of Italian ceramic producers, identifies the Made in Italy products of the member companies who have adhered to ethical code.

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