Quality and safety for clients and collaborators Caesar Ceramics USA, Tiles, slabs and technical solutions

Human and professional values play a core role at Caesar: safeguarding the work environment is a top priority for us, as is respect for the external environment in our production processes.

This attention devoted to health and safety in the workplace is demonstrated by the OHSAS 18001 certification obtained (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specification), a standard specifically designed to help companies define objectives and policies for the Health and Safety of Workers (HSW).

The certification underlines the company’s commitment to improved management of human resources, more systematic controls and an in-depth understanding of all the risks related to routine and non-routine operations. Caesar’s aim is to create an ever safer and more comfortable work environment, helping to generate positive effects on activities, products and services, in line with the two key principles of the standard: continual improvement and regulatory compliance. Attainment of this globally recognised certification therefore confirms Caesar’s long-standing commitment to ethical production.

caesar certificazioni sicurezza

A commitment that the company has demonstrated also through optimisation and recycling, now essential requirements of every process. To this end, we obtained ISO 9001 certification which requires maximum corporate commitment to optimisation of processes, from receipt of raw materials through to shipping of finished goods. We have also adopted the “Life Cycle Assessment” (LCA) approach, which allows us to analyse and plan the product life-cycle, from raw materials through to the finished product, based on respect for natural resources and the environment.

Our unwavering pursuit of improvement has prompted us over the years to obtain the most effective and widely recognised certifications and awards regarding not just production and management but our products too.