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Concrete-look porcelain tiles & Design Looks: inspiration, innovation, performance

Concrete is a symbol of modernity, dynamism, urban spaces, simplicity, but in the many reinterpretations that designers dedicate to it, this material also becomes a fundamental element in contemporary projects. The concrete-effect porcelain tile & Design Look collections by Caesar give designers a wide range of choices when creating personality-filled residential or commercial spaces that speak of present and future.

The graphic shapes on the ceramic surfaces evoke the concrete of roads, pavements, and industrial spaces, bringing realism and elegance to the interior of residential, public and commercial projects of seasoned charm.

Cement effect porcelain tiles


Concrete has characterised and given shape to modern times. It has stepped into the new millennium as a protagonist to leave its indelible mark in architecture. BUILT porcelain stoneware is the interpretation of concrete beyond its main function as building material. It becomes a new manner to decorate interiors. BUILT is the expression of contemporary style.

The minimal nature of BUILT gives extra value to the product.


Terracotta-cement effect porcelain tiles


The ONE, the terracotta-cement effect porcelain tile collection combines the delicate and enveloping tones of the earth with the originality and modernity of cement, giving your interiors a sense of warmth, naturalness and elegance that fulfils every furnishing need. If you love warmth and the vintage look that terracotta suggests, terracotta-cement effect porcelain tiles of the ONE collection allow you to define, with a traditional and eclectic feel, the floor of your residential or commercial venues, combining the natural tactile feel with architectural modernity of Made in Italy porcelain tiles by Ceramiche Caesar.

Project Idea

The design idea is to combine the modernity of cement with the elegance of resin in one product. Here is a collection of premium-quality porcelain. Smooth surfac-es and versatile use.



In the best tradition of Caesar porcelain tiles, Join collection stands out for its remarkable technical features that make it perfect for a wide variety of applications on floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors.

SAFE - Porcelain tiles ensure high standards of hygiene. They are hypo-allergenic and they do not release or-ganic substances into the environment (they are VOC Free).

VERSATILE - Perfect both indoors and outdoors, on floors and walls, they are ideal for decorating any space.

STRONG - Porcelain tiles can withstand stress of various nature while retaining their original appearance.

INALTERABILE -Being totally fireproof and free from plastic elements, they are fire and high-temperature resistant and do not produce toxic gas in case of fire.

With Wide, the modern ceramic material reveals the genuine charm of metropolitan cement. Light chromatic shades on the surface evoke the imperfections and ravages of time to give spaces a vaguely industrial feel in line with cutting-edge contemporary trends.

The warmth of cotto, combined with the neutral colours of concrete, makes for a porcelain tile collection with two souls. Discover the many styles and combinations.

Materica is about inclusions, imperfections and colour accents, all of which give it a unique, artisan aesthetic while the warm and modern colours offer an urban feel.

A brand new style for spaces, whether architectural or the everyday.

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Concrete-effect porcelain tiles for contemporary spaces

The sensational aesthetic qualities of Caesar concrete-effect porcelain tile allow designers to interpret the feel of the material and weave a tale of architecturesstyles and modern signs. The concrete-effect & Design tiles are available in a wide range of sizes, special pieces and decorations, and with a choice of surface finish, whether natural, polished, textured, grip or lapped.

Thanks to the technical properties of porcelain tile, Caesar ceramic collections are designed to create dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces, giving designers the opportunity to create floor and wall surfaces of great aesthetic continuity.

Floor and wall tile versatility and performance

With respect to “natural” concrete, Caesar concrete-effect collections offer all the technical advantages of porcelain tile. Thanks to a ceramic surface’s resistance to wear and the effects of both chemical and atmospheric agents, porcelain tiles retain their look without sustaining damage or suffering the effects of time. In addition, tiles are easily cleaned, meaning they are the most hygienic choice for flooring in both highly-trafficked public spaces and residential environments.

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