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Not only floors - New forms of Ceramics


When you think of porcelain stoneware, the association with floors and walls is immediate: this material has always been appreciated the most for its functionality, aesthetics and incredible versatility, and it’s frequently used in the design of private homes or commercial areas, such as shops or hospitality places.


Speaking of versatility... Did you know that ceramics can be used to enrich and customize furnishing accessories?


Thanks to its excellent aesthetic and technical characteristics, porcelain stoneware has quickly become an extremely popular material for covering and enhancing furnishing projects, in order to create a pleasant chromatic continuity with floors and walls.


If you are looking for inspirational ideas to decorate your interior spaces, here are some examples!

A refined and exclusive look for the bathroom

Bagno Total Look

Porcelain stoneware is preferred over other materials especially for its high technical performance in humid and often poorly lit environments, just like bathrooms. So why not use it to customize elements such as the sink, the shower tray, storage units or to create original design corners? The ceramic furnishings are resistant to wear, scratches, chemicals and molds, they are non-slip and easy to sanitize!

However, let's not forget visual harmony: porcelain stoneware total look is one of the hottest trends of recent years, thanks to its ability to reproduce exclusive and refined effects, such as the elegant and bright colored backgrounds of the marbles. Do you want to make your bathroom an oasis of beauty and wellness? With ceramics you can!


Hygienic and safe surfaces for your kitchen

03 Mo1950 PressRelease 3428


Do you want to give an industrial and contemporary look to your kitchen? Ceramic is the ideal choice for covering tables, countertops and worktops. You could go for an effect in continuity, or on the contrary, in contrast with that chosen for floors and walls.

Whatever your choice is, focusing on ceramic will guarantee you numerous advantages in this case too: porcelain stoneware is heat and high temperature resistant, it doesn’t contain plastic and does not release substances harmful to health; it does not retain dirt and is among the simplest materials to clean, guaranteeing impeccable, safe and… perfect environments to live your daily life in all serenity and to experiment freely in the kitchen, without the fear of irreparably damaging the surfaces! Not bad, right?


Irresistibly trendy furnishings… for a cover house!

Showroom 2.60

The coordinated use of porcelain stoneware for floors, wall decor and the covering of tables and consoles gives elegance to this living room.


If you are looking for that glam touch to personalize your home, your exteriors, or your public spaces, then the stoneware slabs will perfectly suit you. In fact they can enrich elements such as counters, tables, benches and shelves, making your furnishings even more long-lived, resistant to wear and atmospheric agents, but above all unique: the incredible variety of effects and proposals allows extreme customization of the coverings based on spaces, sizes and functional needs, offering the possibility to choose between numerous fascinating and exclusive palettes, avant-garde finishes and effects with timeless elegance.


Ceramiche Caesar, with its solid reputation among designers, retailers and planners and thirty years of experience in the ceramic market, reinterprets the new trends in the world of interior design with Olos, a range of ceramic surfaces designed specifically to enhance the use of ceramic slabs for furnishing accessories.


The Olos offer responds to every type of requirement or need for use, offering custom-made slabs and effects applicable to any design context: wood, marble, concrete, stone, metal... You just have to choose from the several proposals available to make it even more functional and give that extra touch of style to your project!



Bagno Relate

Find out more about the Olos range of coverings… and let your imagination run wild!


Ceramiche Caesar Headquarter

The journey through the New Caesar Gallery, the company showroom that Ceramiche Caesar has extended and renovated with the project of the architect Guglielmo Renzi, develops all around the headquarters of Fiorano Modenese.

Ceramiche Caesar Headquarter
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Caesar Milano Urban Lab

Ceramiche Caesar confirms its commitment to the world of design and architecture with the inauguration of the Caesar Milano Urban Lab - a point of reference for the renowned Italian ceramic company in the city of Milan - on 7 October 2020.

At 14 Via Molino delle Armi, just 15 minutes from Piazza del Duomo and near the new M4 underground line, Caesar have its space inside Mo.1950. Mo.1950 is a multifunctional structure conceived on the basis of Corrado Molteni's entrepreneurial vision and designed by Matteo Lualdi, in which materials and products chosen to create the most complex interior design projects achieve their full expression.

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