MISURA DECO Caesar Ceramics USA, Tiles, slabs and technical solutions


MisuraDeco is the new decorative project for coverings in any space, from residential to large contract projects, thanks to its highly performing material such as large porcelain slabs.


Misura Deco offers different solutions to shape the design ideas of professionals: a wide range of decorated slabs designed by Caesar is available, or you can obtain completely customised graphics.



With Misura Deco, every decorative idea can be transformed into an appealing wall tile. Simply provide Caesar with a graphics file in .psd format, with 120x278 cm size and 360 DPI resolution, and select your favourite slab from the range.

The customised slabs can be created using opaque or transparent graphics. With the opaque version, the graphics completely conceal the ceramic material, while with the transparent version customisation lets the aesthetics of the slab shine through, for a highly original effect.

With these two options, custom-made design reaches ever higher levels of personalisation, with an attention to detail that was inconceivable until recently.