Made in USA - Designed in Italy Caesar Ceramics USA, Tiles, slabs and technical solutions

The USA have always represented a priority market for Caesar, since its foundation in 1988.

Starting in 1997, the company has a branch office and a warehouse located in New Jersey (Eatontown) company owned Caesar USA Inc. Over the years, Caesar’s service in the USA has increased in a capillary way with the opening of new logistic hubs in Florida and California.

This path goes on in 2016 with the local production of porcelain collections dedicated to the American market. These products are manufactured in the brand-new plant located in Tennessee (MT Pleasant) owned by Gruppo Concorde, which Caesar is part of.


The materials, specifically thought for the American market are designed in Italy thanks to the unique know-how that the company has developed over years of activity.


The industrial production is in the USA offering considerable logistic advantages to the entire distribution network.

Thanks to the strategy Designed in Italy Made in USA, Caesar offers doubles the advantages offered to American clients.
- On one hand, the style and technical avant-garde of a design developed by the Caesar in Italy.
- On the other hand, the logistic and commercial advantages of a made in the USA product.


Created for the USA market
Exclusive products and collections designed to meet the needs of American consumers.

Avant-garde technology
Modern and state of the art production sites: maximum quality, efficiency, care of the workers and of the environment.

Top logistic and service
Market presence, quick distribution, improved customer service.

Style, Design, trend
The Italian ceramic tradition interprets American taste to create products featuring unique appeal and certified reliability.

A broad range
The made in the USA products enrich the broad range of Caesar Made in Italy products, with more than 2300 items, 318 colors and more than 30 formats.