Ceramiche Caesar: the material culture for a 100% made in Italy porcelain tile Caesar Ceramics USA, Tiles, slabs and technical solutions

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Ceramiche Caesar: the material culture for a 100% made in Italy porcelain tile

The unique ‘material culture’ that identifies us comes from more than 30 years experience and innovation in the field of high-quality Italian porcelain tile, a guarantee of comprehensive technical know-how.

Caesar is a reference point in the ceramics sector for architects, designers, construction firms, vendors and private customers alike. A vocation for the material and significant investment has guided our research since 1988, allowing us to achieve the perfect balance between technology, functionality and aesthetics.

Our history has been marked by continual achievements in terms of performance, product range and innovation, characteristics that, together with a taste and sensibility for a strictly ‘made in Italy’ lifestyle, have allowed us to take up a solid position on international markets with materials that are safe, long-lasting and environmentally sustainable.

Belonging to the CONCORDE GROUP, the world’s leading ceramics group, and an annual production capacity of 6 million m² of stoneware surfaces allows us to respond to any architectonic challenge that contemporary taste and sensibility might pose. Our range comprises more than 2000 articles in sizes up to 160x320 cm and thicknesses u

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Caesar has been synonymous with porcelain tile since 1988

In trent’anni di storia, Caesar è diventata una realtà dinamica, vicina al cliente e capace di anticipare le sfide poste dalle tendenze e dal mercato.

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caesar made in italy cover

100% made in Italy, 100% materia, 100% qualità-us

Per Caesar made in Italy è creatività, ingegno e maestria: le prerogative irrinunciabili del nostro modo di produrre gres porcellanato dal 1988.

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caesar qualita e sicurezza cover

Qualità e sicurezza per clienti e collaboratori-us

Per Caesar qualità e sicurezza nell’ambiente di lavoro vanno di pari passo, per favorire la sostenibilità umana e ambientale dei processi produttivi.

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caesar ricerca e sviluppo cover

Ricerca e sviluppo: la cultura della materia-us

Ricerca, sviluppo e innovazione sono le chiavi della continuità del nostro successo, assieme all’ingegno tutto italiano che ispira la nostra filosofia.

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Caesar nel mondo: la presenza internazionale di un protagonista del settore-us

Il confronto con culture diverse e la presenza internazionale fanno parte del DNA di Caesar, per ottenere crescita e nuove opportunità sui mercati mondiali.

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caesar lavora con noi

Lavora con noi-us

Se pensi di poter fare la differenza e condividi la nostra filosofia di ricerca e sviluppo per un prodotto 100% made in Italy, candidati in questa pagina.

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About Caesar USA

Made in USA - Designed in Italy

The USA have always represented a priority market for Caesar, since its foundation in 1988. Starting in 1997, the company has a branch office and a warehouse lo...

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Continuous attention to our work, in both the design phase, thanks to our experience and technical consultancy services, and the development and after-sales phases, allows us to work alongside our customers and overcome new challenges with them each day, anticipating upcoming trends as lifestyles develop.

A capillary presence on international markets (75% of production is exported to more than 100 countries worldwide), as well as a direct presence (in Londonand Pariswith our own showrooms, and in the US with Caesar USA), gives us the advantage of being close to the customers and able to intercept their needs.

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