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Simplicity, tradition and the classical is what differentiates the Granigliati porcelain tile collection by Ceramiche Caesar.

The Granigliati porcelain tile collection is a long-standing tradition of Caesar, with characteristic subtle granules of the surface. Reproposed in a vast colour range and two finishes, matt and polished, Granigliati by Caesar is extremely versatile and answers any of today’s project planning needs.


  • Strumenti

Matte NR | 7,6mm | R9 A

Antisdrucciolo z NR | 7,6mm | R12 A+B+C

Antisdrucciolo l NR | 7,6mm | R12 A+B+C

Matte NR | 8,6mm | R9 A

Textured NR | 8,6mm | R12 A+B


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